Lexar has been around for almost two decades, which is when portable memory was still in its fetal stages. While its products are far from restricted to memory cards, Lexar was one of the first brands to come to the fore when it came to device-applied memory storage. Catering to cameras, phones, laptops, and tablets, Lexar memory cards have been setting the trends rather than toeing them. When it comes to external memory storage that is tailored for digital devices, few brands can claim to be as award-laden as Lexar. A definite leader in the market, its products are more often than not the first of their kind. Lexar combines high functionality and utility value with sleek and compact product designs that rarely fail to capture the world's attention.

Lexar memory cards are equipped with UDMA 7 technology that guarantees paramount performance. Not a lot of other memory cards can boast transfer speeds of up to 160 MBps. With the purchase of a Lexar memory card, you not only get a stellar memory storage device, but also useful software that the user can download, like Image Rescue, which aids in the recovery of photo and video files. When considering sheer capacity, Lexar offers devices that can store up to 128 MB of data. Such enormous figures are necessary for anyone who is looking to shoot high-resolution images and videos. They increase the number of 1080p images and 4K videos that one can retain on their handheld device without having to transfer data to make more space. Lexar has ensured that each of their devices is fully compatible with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. You can pick the memory card of your choice from Lexar's splendid variety, which is available for shipping here at Unique Photo.

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