Founded by George Eastman in 1888, Eastman Kodak Company famously known as Kodak is an American technology focused on imaging solution and services for enterprises. Headquartered in Rochester, Kodak provides professional packaging, functional printing and graphic communicating services for businesses all across the globe. It specifically deals with digital printing, enterprise and graphics and commercial films. Best known for its photographic film products, Kodak films had a humongous 90% market share of photographic film sales in 1976 in the United States. It has a vivid collection of films, cameras and accessories. The large scale innovation and creativity in digital printing has made Kodak one of the market leaders in the industry today. Classified as the master of photographic film products, Kodak has retained its quality and productivity at par since its establishment. With a spectacular history of past 130 years and above, the company's ubiquity is still intact.

The meticulous and creative experience in material science, digital imaging and deposition processes has led to Kodak's growth and development. It has sincerely maintained user-friendly approach for all its products and services. The Kodak cameras and accessories are par excellent and can be used for high-quality imaging. It also deals in photo paper, developer and replenish-er, and inkjet print cartridges. With these premium Kodak products you can get excellent printing results. With Kodak supplies and camera accessories, you will never feel the need to go anywhere else for your filming requirements. At Unique Photo, you can find numerous products with their reviews, overview, specifications and much more. So, scan through the Kodak range of films, supplies and camera accessories and get them at the best deals.

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