GoPro Cameras Buying Guide

GoPro Cameras Buying Guide


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There are many different kinds of cameras available to choose from, but photographers who are looking for action cameras need to opt for GoPro cameras. It serves as the ideal option for professional and amateur photographers. GoPro cameras are the best at capturing impressive HD videos, and are light enough to carry anywhere. These cameras are well known to be versatile, portable and great for capturing the action. GoPro cameras are aptly suited for photographers who have a knack for adventure and like to capture pictures and record videos on the go.

Purpose of the Guide

When it comes to action photography, nothing can give better results than GoPro cameras, which are among the best at capturing high-end pictures and amazing quality videos. By reviewing the features of GoPro camera’s, this buying guide can assist you in choosing the right type of camera that best suits your needs.

What is a GoPro Camera?

GoPro cameras are among the most versatile recording devices, made with the latest technology. These cameras perform on par with any of the high quality digital cameras or camcorders. GoPro cameras are durable, lightweight and portable, and serve as the perfect option for capturing action in extreme sports. GoPro cameras are very popular with snowboarders, surfers, cyclists, rock climbers, motorcyclists, skateboarders as they allow these enthusiasts to capture their lifestyles, without hindering their ability to perform. If you are an adventure fanatic then this camera is the perfect companion for you.

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Features of GoPro Cameras

There are many models of GoPro camera available in the market these days. The functions offered by this camera varies based on the different models, so it becomes prudent to select the one that is well-suited to the photographer. The first and foremost thing to look for in GoPro cameras is its video and image quality. Let us check out the main features that need to be considered when buying a GoPro camera.

Video Resolution

When it comes to GoPro cameras, its video quality is very important. Most models enable photographers to record high definition videos having higher resolution. When purchasing any GoPro camera, make sure that the video resolution is higher so as to get sharper and more crisp footage.

Frame Rates

In order to produce a seamless video, it is necessary to get a camera that can add a whole new dimension to the videos. GoPro cameras enable photographers to record videos in up to 240 fps. Such frame rates result in super smooth slow motion videos.

Photo Resolution

GoPro cameras have the capability to produce high resolution photos with the help of various functions such as time lapse, continuous photo and burst modes. Photo resolution is measured in megapixels (MP) and depicts the number of pixels contained in each image.


GoPro cameras have built-in microphones that enable to capture audio and video to record action properly. These cameras provide good audio quality, though photographers can enhance its quality by using an external mic adapter with any 3.5 mm microphone. The latest entrant in the GoPro cameras category, GoPro Hero 3+ gives improved audio in harsh conditions through additional software.


GoPro cameras give the facility to download and playback videos and images by connecting to a laptop PC or Mac. It also enables photographers to connect through a USB connector. It also features Wi-Fi connectivity that allows the camera to connect wirelessly with other devices, such as phones and tablets.


Since images require added memory for storage, GoPro cameras offer microSD cards that are portable and give high capacity of storage. This enables photographers to store larger amounts of images and videos on this extra storage.

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Utilities of GoPro Cameras

GoPro cameras are ideal for photographers who like to capture videos when doing extreme sports. You need to consider the above mentioned features when choosing the model of GoPro cameras.

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Before buying a GoPro camera it is necessary to have knowledge about some of the important terms that are related to it. Here, we have enlisted these important terms along with their meanings.

Video Resolution:
Determines the sharpness and crispness of the footage. Video resolution refers to the number of pixels in each frame.
Frame Rates:
Signifies that more frames can make the image all the more smoother. It is better to slow down the footage and catch perfect moments.
Photo Resolution:
It is measured in megapixels (MP), and also relates to the size of the photo.
Its built-in microphone gives great audio quality. An external mic adapter can be used with 3.5 mm microphone to enhance audio capture.
Photos and videos can be shared via USB connector. It also provides Wi-Fi connectivity to connect devices wirelessly.
Additional storage in the form of microSD card is required to store images and videos captured through the camera.

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