Giotto’s Industrial Inc. was established in 1988 and since then has specialized in manufacturing professional camera support system. They provide exceptional quality with improved quality and performance in products. This company has been designing and manufacturing high-end professional products that cater to almost every kind of photographer. It has gained a lot of appreciation and become a market leader in professional photography. Giotto is well-known for providing the best quality tripods, heads, monopods and accessories that are par from the industry’s standard for excellence. It offers innovative products with an impressive design and high-quality manufacturing processes. These products are crafted carefully in a comprehensive range of supports for all kinds of still or video cameras and LCD displays. They also offer innovative products that serve as an ideal support for studio and location work. Giotto’s tripods, screen protectors and heads are engineered in such a way that they are capable of withstanding the roughest handling. Their products represent qualities such as precision assembly, high-quality materials and excellent control. The modern high-tech materials used in these products include lightweight, high strength aluminum alloys, carbon fiber tubing and cast magnesium. This gives them absolute stability and efficiency. Giotto produces a large variety of professional quality tripods; ball, pan and video heads; monopods; car window mount; table-top tripods; light stands and many more. In addition to that, it also provides accessories like lens cleaning kits, sand bags, camera cases, light stand cases, tripod straps, micro fiber cloths, LCD protectors, light tents and more. Giotto is famous for manufacturing tripods with fully articulated center columns. At Unique Photo, you can get an extensive range of high-quality Giotto products. All these superbly designed products are available here at the best deals. Unique Photo gives you the facility to buy these amazing Giotto products online from the comforts of your home.

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