The Gepe group was incorporated in Sweden in 1995, and their first products were slide changer that was used for photographic projectors. Later, it started producing slide mounts and other photo accessories. These products were a huge success, which laid the foundation for its growth. Gepe has been an active player in the photography market since 50 years. Gepe is well-known for developing the Card Safe product range. These safes serve as the perfect tool for transportation, storage and protection of all the popular digital memory cards. These ranges from mini cards to the memory stick to compact flash. Gepe’s Card Safe product range serves as the ideal accessory for cameras or portable multimedia devices. These include PDAs, handhelds, mobile phones or even navigation systems. They have developed a new product line that underlines the company’s development and production of innovative high-quality products. Gepe is also known to be the single biggest supplier of plastic slide mounts in the whole world. They develop slide mounts and accessories that cater to the needs of amateur and professional photographers. These products are also widely used in institutions throughout the world. Currently, Gepe has become a leading producer of photographic accessories and operates in a number of sectors and regions. These include medical devices, personal hygiene, plastic components, animal identification and photographic accessories. Gepe’s Card Safe is considered the best for safeguarding different kinds of digital memory cards. They are useful for safekeeping and providing optimal protection to every digital memory card used in modern electronic devices. Unique Photo brings an extensive range of Gepe’s Card Safe products that serve to be the best way to safeguard data in the memory cards. You can easily get these fantastic Gepe products here and the best deals from the comfort of your home.

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