Fiilex is a trusted name in the field of lighting systems. They have spent years and years in developing new lighting technology, and are pioneers in LED lighting. All their research and development has led to some innovative and highly advanced LED technology and LED studio lighting systems. Unique Photo takes pride in having some of the best Fiilex products in our stock. Choose from Fiilex SoftBox kit, Fresnel lens, umbrella holders, Dome Diffusion Extensions, Speed Rings and other light kits. Fiilex is especially popular for its advanced, small LED lights. These lightweight and compact LED lights are easy to carry around. The best part about LED lights is the power efficiency. For instance, the best-selling Fiilex P360 consumes just 90 watts which is just a small fraction of what HMI or tungsten lights draw. This means that an LED light can last for years. Compact LED light systems by Fiilex have full spectrum light quality without spikes. They feature a single point Dense Matrix LED light source. These lights are fully flicker-free at any frame rate. They consume very low power and are cool to touch. Though small, LED light systems are very powerful sources of light. Fiilex LEDs can be used with Broadcast Batteries and carried around anywhere for field work. This portability factor comes as a welcome change from the heavy lighting equipment that has to be lugged around with difficulty every time you shoot outdoors.

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