Elinchrom, the Swiss studio lighting systems manufacturer, is known worldwide for its innovations in lighting technology. Elinchrom is constantly taking its range of lighting systems to greater heights with innovations and enhancements. Elinchrom has some of the most advanced lighting systems out there. Some of Elinchrom’s newest and top selling products include the ELC Pro, Quadra Hybrid and D-Lite. Under the Quadra Hybrid range, you will find ring flash sets, Action Heads and other off camera flash systems. Quadra Hybrid battery flash systems are extremely compact and portable. Quadra Hybrid products are ideal for both outdoor and studio use. Some of the salient features of Quadra Hybrid battery flash systems include LED modelling lamp, remote power variation, flash power consistency, wireless trigger options and long lasting batteries for high flash capacity. The Elinchrom D-Lite range includes softbox sets, umbrella sets and Heads sets. The softbox sets are suited for small spaces while the umbrella sets are ideal for large spaces and studios. D-lite products come with Built-in EL-Skyport receiver for Radio triggering and programmable beep function. ELC Pro is a series of high end studio flash units in compact bodies. The ELC Pro-HD 500 and 1000 are rich in features with the highest Swiss specification. They provide very precise control. These one-of-a-kind flash units come with OLED screen displays for superior control and user experience. To see other settings, ELC Pro flash units have stop based power scales. ELC Pro units have 3 brand new shooting modes to make photography even more exciting: Sequence Mode, Delayed Mode and Strobo Mode. Elinchrom are the pioneers of professional lighting technology. So if you are looking for lighting solutions for outdoors or studio photography, look no further than Unique Photo’s range of Elinchrom products.

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