Reflectors & Umbrellas

Reflectors and umbrellas form an integral part of any photography equipment. A photography reflector is as important a piece of studio equipment as photography lighting material or any other type of photography supplies. In fact, reflectors and umbrellas even serve as formidable accessories for some kinds of photography lighting equipment and facilitate the overall enhancement of in-studio camera lighting.

For the best results pertaining to photography lighting, ensure that the right type of reflector and umbrella are included in the shoot for producing the desired output. At the end of the day, reflectors and umbrellas are an invaluable part of any photo shoot, irrespective of if it is being conducted indoors or outdoors.

Reflector Buying Guide

Reflector Buying Guide


When it comes to photography, lighting is considered one of the most difficult aspects to learn. Lighting can make more of a difference in photography than any other element. The ability of the camera to shoot a wide range of light levels is termed as dynamic range. Most of the photographic lighting is used to deal with the dynamic range which may cause problems while shooting images. A digital sensor is not capable of capturing bright and dark areas simultaneously, which is where reflectors come into the picture.

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