Prompter People PRO-15HB ProLine 15-inch High Bright Teleprompter Package

Prompter People
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  • Prompter People PRO-15HB ProLine Teleprompter Package
  • SW-DFQ-PCLUSB Flip-Q Pro
  • USB Stick
  • Integrated .rtf text editor
  • Remote operation
  • 11-inch high-bright color LCD 
  • 11-inch HD 60/40 glass beamsplitter
  • Anti-reflection coating
  • 25-foot VGA male to VGA male cable
  • PRO-RIS2.5 dual height camera riser
  • Aluminum construction


The Prompter People PRO-15HB ProLine 15-inch High Bright is a teleprompter package that is ideal for newsrooms and other studio applications. It includes the SW-DFQ-PCLUSB Flip-Q Pro teleprompting software stored in a USB Stick. You can install the software in both Windows and Mac OS systems. The software displays the text on the primary operating screen, where you can make changes in it to be displayed on the teleprompter's 11-inch high-bright color LCD. You can import .rtf or .txt files in the teleprompter, or use the built-in .rtf text editor to create scripts as per requirement. The software also features run lists, background and font color choices, and full Unicode language support. Apart from the wired operation, the software offers wireless functionality as an added benefit for studio operations. You can connect VGA, HDMI and composite video inputs to the 11-inch teleprompter LCD. The teleprompter LCD also has a speaker, AV, TV and USB input. Attach the 11-inch HD 60/40 glass beamsplitter to the teleprompter for eliminating color shift and light loss. With the included 25-foot VGA male to VGA male cable, you can connect your system monitor to the teleprompter screen. Use the PRO-RIS2.5 dual height camera riser to mount DSLRs and small cameras on Proline and FLEX teleprompters.

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Prompter People
Detailed Specifications
Connectors: Connector 1: VGA male; Connector 2: VGA male
These are audio or video cables used to connect a camera or videocamera to another source.

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Material: Aluminum
The substance that something is made out of.

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System Requirements
System Requirements: Windows: Windows XP to Windows 10.1; Mac OS X
System Requirements:
To be used efficiently, all computer software needs certain hardware components or other software resources to be present on a computer. These prerequisites are known as (computer) system requirements and are often used as a guideline as opposed to an absolute rule. Most software defines two sets of system requirements: minimum and recommended.

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Physical Specifications
Length: 25' VGA Male to VGA Male Cable: 25.0' (7.6 m)
The measurement of something from end to end.

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Weight: Camera Riser: 1.0 lb (0.45 kg)
The physical weight of the item without packaging.

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Color: Black
The color of the item.

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Brand: Prompter People

In The Box

  • Prompter People PRO-15HB ProLine 15-inch High Bright Teleprompter Package
  • SW-DFQ-PCLUSB Flip-Q Pro for Mac and PC (USB)
  • USB Stick with Software
  • 25' VGA Male to VGA Male Cable
  • PRO-RIS2.5 Dual Height Camera Riser for Proline and FLEX Teleprompters
  • 11" HD 60/40 Glass Beamsplitter
  • Soft Case

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