Eckhard Heine and Conny Dufgran co-founded Profoto at Stockholm, Sweden in 1968 as a company that manufactured photography lighting equipment. Eckhard Heine was a photographer and engineer who took a keen interest in studying the role of light in photography and then went on to try and manipulate light to give just the kind of effects he wanted to create. Conny Dufgran was a photography equipment retailer who sold a faulty flash unit to Eckhard. Annoyed with the retailer, Eckhard went home and decided to make a better flash unit. A couple of weeks later, the engineer returned to Conny with a superior and new type of flash unit, and thus began their partnership.

About a year after this incident, Eckhard Heine and Conny Dufgran traveled to Cologne in Germany for the Photokina trade show. At the show, the two business partners presented the first Pro-1 generator, and it was an instant success. That is when the two went on to establish Profoto.

The company now supplies photography lighting equipment to the very leaders of the industry. However, the two men had ideals that remain at the core of the company’s policies. The two men believed that a light shaping tool should not only serve its purpose, but that it must also feel right, sound right and make for a pleasant sight. The company continues to consider light shaping equipment as something that should serve more than just its purpose of providing the right light during photo shoots.

The engineers and designers at Profoto believe that the form should reflect the function of the photography lighting kits the brand produces. They are dedicated to ensure that art is never compromised on in favor of technology. Profoto is best known for its Monolight and its kits like the Moonlight Studio Lighting Kit which is built to ensure that the aesthetic appeal of your sets is always high, so that you have a highly creative atmosphere to work in. Profoto tools are designed to make sure that they are not obstacles, but lighting solutions designed to help you turn your dreams into reality.

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