Westcott Strobelite 2-Light Softbox-Umbrella Kit

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- 300 Watt strobelites - 38" White umbrella - Fast recycle times - Optical cell and ready beep - Adjustable 100-watt modeling lamp - Instructional DVD

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 Westcott Strobelite educational kits provide everything needed to obtain professional high quality images. Fast recycle times and built-in slave trippers offer flexibility for both studio and location work. The built-in slave tripper can be shut off through use of a separate on/off switch. The 100-watt modeling lamp allows you to see exactly where the light and shadow will fall on the subject before setting off the Strobelite's flash and is controlled by its own power switch. This allows you to conveniently set your strobes exactly where you want them, quickly and easily, before you make the exposure! Housed in high-impact polycarbonate, the unit is lightweight, durable and ready for travel. 

The kit comes standard with an instructional DVD that will walk you through how to operate and understand your digital camera, step-by-step set up of your kit, lighting and posing, along with many tips and techniques to enhance your images. A floor-positioning mat directs you on placement of your lights, camera and subject. Adjust the light output from 1/4 power to full power (or anywhere in between) to control the amount of light onto the subject. 

With a quick-release faceplate, a built-in umbrella mount and a standard reflector mount, you can easily mount a wide range of accessories. Unit comes standard with user changeable flash tube, modeling lamp, reflector, removable power cord, sync cord and protective travel cap.

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Brand: Westcott

In The Box

- Westcott Strobelite 2 Light Educational Kit

- 2 x Strobelite Monolight

- 2 x 6.5' Light Stands

- 24 x 24" Softbox

- 38" White Umbrella

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