Sony UTX-B03 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter with Lavalier Trans. CH14/25

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  • Sony UTX-B03 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter
  • With lavalier microphone
  • Digital companding
  • 72 MHz RF bandwidth
  • Selectable RF power
  • Automatic channel scanning
  • Signal-to-noise ratio of 96 dB 
  • LCD display
  • USB Power
  • Runtime of 8 hours
  • Sony LR6 batteries
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The Sony UTX-B03 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter fulfills the audio requirements during live or recorded event coverage. A lavalier microphone provided with the transmitter. You can use this transmitter with UWP or WL-800 series receivers. The digital companding uses analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion steps to reduce the signal to noise ratio. The transmitter conducts an auto scan for the active transmission channels to synchronize them with the receiver. You can switch between the microphone and line-level input sources anytime. The UHF Phase Locked Loop synthesized frequencies stabilize the transmission and reception process. A pilot-tone is transmitted to keep RF interference in check. This Sony transmitter saves interference-free transmission frequencies into the internal memory to speed-up the setup process and audio group switching. The RF output offers two options: 5mW for indoor and 30mW for outdoor. The bright LED screen shows the channel and frequency status, battery life, usage time, and more. For durable performance, the transmitter is shielded in an all-metal construction.

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Sony -

Sony cameras

Display & Viewfinder
Display Type: LCD
Display Type:
The type or brand of the screen.

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Detailed Specifications
Sensitivity: -43.0 dB ±3.0 dB (1 kHz/Pa)
Sensitivity or ISO refers to the light sensitivity of a certain film or a digital sensor. Where a film usually has a suggested ISO, a digital sensor often has a range of light sensitivity.

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Input Level: Mic: -60 dBV (at 0-dB attenuator level) Line: +4 dBu
Input Level:
This displays the audio line input level of the camera's microphone.

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Type of Transmitter: Crystal-controlled UHF PLL-synthesized bodypack transmitter
Type of Transmitter:
This is the type of transmitter to wirelessly trigger a camera or flash.

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Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 96 dB (max deviation, A-weighted)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio:
The signal to noise ratio (SNR) is a useful and universal way of comparing the relative amounts of signal and noise for any electronic system; high ratios will have very little visible noise whereas the opposite is true for low ratios.

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Maximum Input Power: 120 dB SPL
Maximum Input Power:
The maximum RF signal input level that is non-destructive to the operation of the equipment.

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RF Carrier Frequency Range: 470 to 542 MHz
RF Carrier Frequency Range:
This is the frequency range for a RF wireless mic.

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Power Requirements: 3.0 VDC (with two AA-size alkaline LR6 batteries) 5.0 VDC (via USB micro-B)
Power Requirements:
This is the battery or adapter necessary to power a device.

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Power Requirements: 5 VDC
Power Requirements:
This is the battery or adapter necessary to power a device.

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Overall Frequency Response: Microphone: 40 to 20,000 Hz; Transmitter: 23 to 18,000 Hz (typical)
Overall Frequency Response:
This is used to indicate the accuracy of electronic components or systems, primarily in audio equipment.

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Type of Input Connector: Mic/Line Switchable - 3-pole locking mini microphone connector (3.5 mm)
Type of Input Connector:
This is the type of input connector.

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Cable Length: 3.9' (1.2 m)
Cable Length:
The length of the cable.

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Antenna: 1/4 wave length wire
A metallic device for sending or receiving electromagnetic waves, such as radio waves. Some antennas can send waves in or receive waves from all directions; others are designed to work only in a range of directions.

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Physical Specifications
Dimensions: 2.48 x 3.23 x 0.79" (63 x 82 x 20 mm)
The measurements of an object.

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Weight: 5.26 oz (149 g) with batteries
The physical weight of the item without packaging.

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Color: Black
The color of the item.

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Flash Attributes
Zoom Range: 86 dB or more
Zoom Range:
Refers to how wide the flash will spread the light. In an automatic flash zoom mode, the flash will detects the focal length of the lens mounted on your camera body, and adjust the light spread the flash emits to match the angle of view of your lens.

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Power System
Battery Type: Approximately 8 hours with Sony's AA-size alkaline (LR6) batteries at 77°F (25°C) at 30 mW output
Battery Type:
The type of battery for a device. Some cameras use single use alkaline while others use rechargeable lithium batteries.

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Brand: Sony

In The Box

  • Sony UTX-B03 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter with Lavalier Trans. CH14/25
  • ECM-V1BMP Electret Condenser Lavalier Microphone for UWP Transmitters
  • Microphone Windscreen
  • Microphone Holder Clip
  • Belt Clip

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