Quantum 4i Radio Slave Set (Receiver + Sender) (505SI) Frequency B

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- Synchronize any number of remote flashes - Syncs at up to 1/500 sec. with focal plane shutters - Syncs at up to 1/1000 with leaf shutters

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Use the Radio Slave 4i to synchronize any number of remote flashes without long sync cords, or, connect Radio Slave to trip motor drive cameras at great distances. This most popular radio trigger uses digitally coded signals that work indoors, outdoors, around corners and through walls. Unlike other slaves, it cannot be overpowered by the light of a flash. 

The Radio Slave system syncs at up to 1/500 sec. with focal plane shutters and 1/1000 with leaf shutters. Radio Slave is virtually indistinguishable from "wired" sync, and there is no waiting between triggers as with infra-red slaves. When mounted on a camera hot shoe, the Sender unit get it's shutter sync without external cords. The Remote units connect directly to flashes using the flash sync cord. Adapters are not needed. 

Radio signal confirmation is assured by Radio Slave's status light. It also warns hours in advance of low battery. Battery life of the Remote is 400 hours with alkaline or 800 hours with lithium AA cells. The Sender unit's battery lasts 1-2 years! Each Radio Slave has 4 channels of operation and comes in one of 4 discrete frequencies, to avoid interference from other shooters. Take Radio Slave from studio to wedding hall to coliseum. 

Radio Slave 4i is compatible with the Radio Slave 4 and Radio Slave 2. Be sure to match the labled frequency (either A,B,C, or D) with your previous units. 

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Detailed Specifications
For Manufacture Type: No
Status Indicator: Yes
Status Indicator:
This light displays the status of a camera or flash.

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TTL Compatibility: Yes W/ Optional Adapter
TTL Compatibility:
TTL (Through-The-Lens) refers to a light/exposure meter which is compatible with your camera, and takes light readings through the lens to determine the correct settings when in automatic mode. Often, this meter sends out a pre-flash or infrared sensor in order to detect the amount of available light. This signal may inadvertently trip your unit’s built-in slave tripper, and therefore can not be used with flash units.

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Channels: 4
This is the number of wireless channels for a transmitter.

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Filter Construction: Shoe Mount
Filter Construction:
This is the construction of a type of filter. The type of process used to create a filter can affect its price. Filters can be constructed out of regular glass that sandwiches a coloured gel in between or in high-end filters, raw elements are added to the molten optical glass so there is no risk of uneven colour or fading.

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Mounting: Belt, Shoe Mountable, Tripod Or Pole Mountable
This is the mounting options for a device. Cameras are often mounted on a tripod, but there are other mounts to connect video cameras to bikes, cars, and other places.

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Maximum Operating Range: 200' W/O Antenna, 350' W/ Antenna
Maximum Operating Range:
This is the maximum amount of distance of a wireless device before it loses transmission.

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Battery Life: 400 Hours W/ (4) AA's Alkaline
Battery Life:
The amount of time a battery stays charged.

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Antenna: Yes Retractable
A metallic device for sending or receiving electromagnetic waves, such as radio waves. Some antennas can send waves in or receive waves from all directions; others are designed to work only in a range of directions.

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Power: (4) AA Alkaline Or Lithium Or AC (With Optional Adapter)
This is the type of power a device uses.

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Frequency: B
The frequency a radio controlled device can operate on.

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Physical Specifications
Color: Black
The color of the item.

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Brand: Quantum

In The Box

505Si Sender

505Ri Remote

Belt Clip

Sync Cord

Mounting Kit

Instruction Manual

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