Pentax Q Digital Camera with 8.5mm Lens (Black)

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- 12.4Mp 1/2.3" Backlit CMOS Sensor
- 3.0" LCD Display
- 8.5mm Lens (Equivalent to 47mm)
- Q-Mount Lens System
- DNG RAW + JPEG Images
- Captures 1080p HD Video
- SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card Slot
- 1/2000 to 30 Second Shutter Speeds
- Bokeh Control Filter
- Traditional DSLR Shooting Modes

Total Resolution:
Total Resolution:
The full count of pixels on a camera's sensor.
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Screen Size:
Screen Size:
The size of the screen listed by height and width.
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Introducing the PENTAX Q, the worlds smallest, lightest interchangeable lens camera with a tiny body and a 12.4 megapixel CMOS image sensor that carves out an entirely new camera category.

Sensor-Shift Shake Reduction

Capture stabilized, blur and dust free images even in low lighting courtesy of the Qs sensor-shift Shake Reduction system with integrated DRII Dust Reduction. Body-based Shake Reduction operates independently of the Qs lenses, allowing the same level of stabilization regardless of lens selection.

External Viewfinder Available Separately

Compose images and video either with the Qs LCD monitor or using a shoe-mounted viewfinder attachment available as an optional accessory. The External Viewfinder O-VF1 makes an excellent accessory to the Q, offering outstanding compositional framing, even in the brightest sunlight where viewing an LCD screen is traditionally a challenge.

World's Smallest and Lightest Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera

The Q represents an evolution in interchangeable lens digital camera design, featuring the worlds smallest and lightest body. Experience the PENTAX Q. The Camera. Evolved.

12.4 Megapixels

Enjoy exceptional image quality in 12.4 megapixels courtesy of the Qs 1/2.3 inch backlit CMOS image sensor. Capable of producing 12 bit DNG RAW and JPG images, the backlit CMOS sensor is a highly efficient light-gathering instrument designed specifically to produce very low noise at high levels of sensitivity.

Traditional DSLR Shooting Modes

Experienced photographers will enjoy the power and flexibility of traditional DSLR shooting modes such as Program, Aperture/Shutter Priority, and Metered Manual exposure control. Yet casual shooters will appreciate the highly convenient automatic modes such as the set-it-and-forget-it PENTAX Auto Picture and 21 scene modes.

HDR Capture

In-camera HDR capture mode shoots 3 images of varying exposures, blending them to bring out the details in even the darkest shadows and brightest highlights of extreme contrast shots.

3 Inch LCD Monitor

Easily capture or review images and video using the Qs large 3 inch LCD monitor. The high quality LCD features HVGA resolution with 460,000 dots, as well as viewing angles up to 170 degrees horizontally and vertically.

Bokeh Control Filter

Enjoy effortless bokeh control with the Qs bokeh control filter. Traditionally controlled through a DSLR lenss aperture, bokeh is the out of focus part of the background that helps to emphasize the subject, drawing the viewers eyes to the most important part of the photo. The Q assists the experienced and casual photographer alike by offering a fine degree of extra control over image bokeh via an in-camera filter operation.

USER Modes For Creativity

Powerful USER modes allow the creative photographer to save a series of favorite camera settings, filters, and custom image modes for instant reuse.

Built-In Popup Flash

The Qs built-in popup flash adds the perfect amount of extra light to an image, while its high extension naturally reduces the redeye effect common to compact cameras. The Qs flash is effective to 23 feet at 200 ISO, and covers a wide angle 28 degree field of view.

SD, SDHC, and SDXC Memory Cards

The Q is compatible with the latest generation SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards for ultra-high capacity storage as well as outstanding image file portability.

Q-Mount Lens System

The Q features the newly designed PENTAX Q-mount lens system for convenient interchangeability with a variety of specialty Q lenses. Choose from a selection of prime, zoom, fisheye lenses, and more to suit just about any photographic need. The Q system will be available in a standard kit that includes the 8.5mm lens (equivalent to 47mm).


Though extremely compact, the Q is also surprisingly durable, sporting lightweight, scratch resistant magnesium alloy body.

Customizable Quick Dial

Conveniently choose from a variety of creative modes, Smart Effect options, or camera settings to assign to the Qs Quick Dial located on the front of the camera. Easily customize the setting or effect using the Quick Dials 4 positions, allowing you to concentrate on photography without having to explore the cameras menu system.

1080p HD Video

Shoot high quality motion video with stunning full 1080p HD clarity at 30 frames per second. The Q efficiently processes the full HD video using high quality h.264 compression for superior color and detail. Explore creative video effects through the use of custom image modes, digital video filters, and interval shooting; or select from a variety of Q lenses to realize your perfect artistic vision.


Capture even the fastest action with a 5 frames per second continuous shooting mode, ideal for sporting events, children at play, or any fast action situation.

Smart Effects Mode

New Smart Effects modes enhance digital photography by applying a series of effects to images to achieve high quality finishing. Brilliant Color, Vintage Color, Warm Fade, Bold Monochrome, and Water Color are just some of the Smart Effects available, which can also be assigned to the Qs Quick Dial.

1/2000 to 30 Second Shutter Speeds

Shutter speeds range from 1/2000 to 30 seconds, perfect for freezing fast action or capturing long nighttime exposures. Bulb mode adds flexibility for low light photography and motion effects.


A built-in micro HDMI port is perfect for outputting high resolution images and video, with sound, to modern HDTVs.

RAW File Processing

The Q includes SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3 software for powerful and flexible RAW file processing. In-camera RAW image development is also supported.

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Pentax - Pentax
Image Sensor
Total Resolution: 12.75
Total Resolution:
The full count of pixels on a camera's sensor.

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Sensor Type: Backlit CMOS w primary color filter and integrated Shake/Dust Reduction sensor-shift system
Sensor Type:
Describes the makeup, build, and technology of the sensor that is in the camera.

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Display Specifications
Screen Size: 3.0"
Screen Size:
The size of the screen listed by height and width.

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Display Type: TFT color LCD
Display Type:
The type or brand of the screen.

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Detailed Specifications
Image Stabilization: In-Body
Image Stabilization:
This is a family of techniques used to reduce blurring associated with the motion of a camera during exposure. Image stabilization helps in low light situations using slower shutter speeds.

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Shutter Speeds: Shutter speed: 1/2000 to 30 sec (lens shutter), 1/8000 to 30 sec (electronic shutter w a lens shutter lens)
Shutter Speeds:
The amount of time the shutter stay open for exposure. Measured in fractions of seconds.

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Remote Control: 0s, 3s, continuous
Remote Control:
An external device that can be used to activate the shutter in a camera so no physical contact with the camera is necessary. There are both wired and wireless remote controls for various applications.

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Shutter Type: Lens shutter, electronic shutter
Shutter Type:
Blades or some type of cover that controls the time during which light reaches the film or sensor. Older cameras use mechanical shutters while new cameras use electronic shutters.

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Self Timer: 12s, 2s
Self Timer:
Allows a delay between pressing the shutter release button and the actual firing of the shutter. Commonly used to give photographers time to put themselves in the shot and to take photos without having to physically have their hands on the camera during exposure.

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Playback Specifications
Mode File: Mode selection: One Shot, Multi Image Display (4, 9, 20, 42, 90 thumbnails), Magnification (up to 16X, scrollable, quick zoom), Histogram, Folder, Calendar Filmstrip, Select & Delete, Movie Playback, Bright/Dark Indication, Slideshow
Mode File:
Allows you to look through the images that were taken.

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Focus Control
Face Detection: yes
Face Detection:
Type of face detection that a camera has.

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Control Specifications
Exposure Control: Auto Picture, Scene, Program (P), Shutter Priority (Tv), Aperture Priority (Av), Metered Manual (M), Blur Control (BC, JPG only), Movie, Bulb (available in Metered Manual)
Exposure Control:
The settings on a camera that adjust to get the correct exposure. Shutter speed, aperture and ISO sensitivity are generally three basic types of exposure control.

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Physical Specifications
Color: Black
The color of the item.

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Maximum Sync Speed: 1/2000 sec (w lens shutter), 1/13 sec (w electronic shutter)
Maximum Sync Speed:
Fastest shutter speed.

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Built-in Flash: Yes
Built-in Flash:
A flash that is embedded or part of the camera. Built-in flashes are found in both DSLR and Point & Shoot cameras. Although practical because of their small size and ease of use, built-in flashes are often ineffective and/or unflattering as a main source of light.

View All Attribute Definitions

Exposure Compensation: -2 to 1 EV
Exposure Compensation:
Refers to the option for the user to override the internal light meter in the camera to either OVER or UNDER expose based on middle/18% gray. This is especially useful when photographing either extremely white/bright scenes or when in very dark/dimly lit scenarios.

View All Attribute Definitions

External Flash System: Hotshoe P-TTL
External Flash System:
An off camera flash used for more creative lighting.

View All Attribute Definitions

Direct Print Capable: No
Direct Print Capable:
Allows camera to connect directly with a compatible photo printer and make prints without the need of a computer.

View All Attribute Definitions

Video Output Terminal: HD (via HDMI), NTSC, PAL
Video Output Terminal:
A terminal for video output.

View All Attribute Definitions

Imaging & Exposure Control
ISO Speed: ISO 125-6400 (1/3 steps), Bulb mode up to ISO 1600, auto ISO range selectable Manual: ISO 125-6400 (1/3 steps), Bulb mode up to ISO 1600
ISO Speed:
The ISO speed setting dictates sensitivity to light. The higher the ISO speed, the more sensitive the film or digital sensor is to light. Higher ISOs have the effect of noise in an image. The actual ISO at which the noise occurs varies from camera to camera. Low ISOs are generally used for brighter lighting conditions and high ISOs are often used for low light or action shots.

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Power System
Drive Modes: Single, Continuous (Hi, Lo), Self Timer (12s, 2s), Infrared Remote (0s, 3s, continuous), Auto Bracketing (3 frames, up to +/- 3 EV in 1/3 or 1/2 steps, remote enabled)
Drive Modes:
Also referred to as release modes, cameras often have several different modes in which they will capture images including: single shot, continuous drive (low and high), self timer, and mirror lock-up.

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Playback Time: Approx 160 min
Playback Time:
This is the maximum playback time dependent on the products battery.

View All Attribute Definitions

AC Adapter: Yes
AC Adapter:
The type of AC adapter.

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Shooting Capacity: Approx 5 FPS (Continuous Hi: 5 JPG), 1.5 FPS (Continuous Lo: 100 JPG)
Recording Data
Internal Memory: Electronically controlled, vertical-run, focal plane shutter
Internal Memory:
This is the internal data storage of a device that does not include expandable memory.

View All Attribute Definitions

Number of Recorded Pixels: 12.4
Number of Recorded Pixels:
"The number of recorded pixels" refers to the number of pixels in an image (a pixel is a cluster of dots). The larger the file size, the better the image quality when printed.

View All Attribute Definitions

Image Formats: Still: RAW (DNG), JPG (EXIF 2.3), DCF 2.0, DPOF, PIM III Movie (compression): MP4 (AVC h.264)
Image Formats:
The types of files that a particular camera produces. All cameras output JPEG images, but some of the more sophisticated models will shoot in RAW mode. RAW Image Formats will vary based on manufacturer.

View All Attribute Definitions

Brand: Pentax
Erasing Specifications
Erase Modes: Auto preset modes: Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Fluorescent (D, N, W, L), Tungsten, Flash, CTE Manual mode(s): Yes, 3 manual and 3 Kelvin temperature presets available, copy WB settings from a captured image available * WB fine adjustment available in a
Erase Modes:
Erases images.

View All Attribute Definitions

Focusing Control
Focus Modes: Auto 25 Point, User-Selectable, Center
Focus Modes:
The types of focus modes an item has.

View All Attribute Definitions

Camera Attributes
Camera Type: Digital Hybrid
Camera Type:
The type of camera. Examples: SLR, point and shoot, mirrorless.

View All Attribute Definitions

Focusing Range: EV 1-18 (ISO 125)
Focusing Range:
The range a camera is able to focus on for a certain image.

View All Attribute Definitions

Focal Length: 8.5mm
Focal Length:
The distance between the film and the optical center of the lens when the lens is focused on infinity.

View All Attribute Definitions

Auto Focus System: TTL Contrast Detection AF
Auto Focus System:
The type of auto focus sytem.

View All Attribute Definitions

Lens Specs
Mount Type: Pentax Q
Mount Type:
This is the mount type for the lens to attach to the camera body.

View All Attribute Definitions

In The Box

- Pentax Q Digital Camera with 8.5mm Lens (Black)
- USB Cable I-USB7
- Battery Charger Kit K-BC68
- Hotshoe Cover FK
- Software CD-ROM S-SW115
- Li-Ion Battery D-LI68
- Strap O-ST115
- Body Mount Cover Q
- Pentax 01 Standard Prime Lens For 1-Series Cameras

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