Rental Pentax 645D Digital Medium Format Kit

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- 40MP (7264x5440 pixels) CCD Sensor
- Weather-Sealed Magnesium Alloy Body
- 3' LCD W/921,000 Dots of Resolution
- Compatible With Pentax 645 Lenses
- 11-Point SAFOX IX+ Autofocus System
- 77-Segment Metering System
- 14-Bit RAW Files in PEF & Adobe DNG
- Dual-Slot SD/SDHC Memory Card
- In-Camera HDR Image Capture
- Glass Trapezoid Pentaprism Viewfinder

Total Resolution:
7264x5440 pixels
Total Resolution:
The full count of pixels on a camera's sensor.
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Screen Size:
Screen Size:
The size of the screen listed by height and width.
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A Happy Medium

Our first medium-format digital camera is garnering flattering attention from the photography world for delivering 40-megapixel image quality at an attractive price.  The PENTAX 645Ds  44x33-millimeter CCD produces ultra-high resolution images ideal for even the largest of print sizes. 

40 megapixels

A 40 Megapixel medium format (44x33mm) CCD sensor provides a top resolution of 7264x5440 pixels, which is ideal for ultra-high resolution imaging, exceptionally large printing applications, and outstanding cropping flexibility.

Magnesium alloy body

Magnesium alloy covers around a rigid aluminum diecast chassis adds durability and thermal stability while minimizing weight.

Fully weather sealed

Fully weather sealed and coldproof design resists rain, snow, dust, and other environmental hazards during field use, to keep the camera operating at peak performance levels.

77 segment metering system

Highly accurate 77 segment metering system for perfectly exposed images even in difficult lighting.

Digital Level function

A Digital Level function displays the vertical and horizontal inclination of the camera, ensuring captured photos remain level to the horizon.

Large 3 inch LCD

Large, 3 inch LCD screen, with anti-reflective coating and reinforced glass surface, features 921,000 dots of resolution, wide angle viewing, and 32X image review magnification for easy on-camera image proofing.

11 point SAFOX IX+ autofocus system

Highly responsive and accurate 11 point SAFOX IX+ autofocus system features a light wavelength sensor for improved focus speed and reliability, even within different lighting environments.

Dual slot SD/SDHC memory card

Dual slot SD/SDHC memory card support ensures fast and reliable storage for high resolution image files, simultaneously saving in multiple formats, assigning images to different cards based on their original format, or easily holding one memory card in reserve.

Highly flexible white balance

Highly flexible white balance options include several common presets, 3 Kelvin color temperature settings, and 3 manual saves, each with WB fine adjustment tuning.

Multiple JPG image processing modes

Multiple JPG image processing modes include Bright, Natural, Portrait, Landscape, Vibrant, Muted, Reversal Film, and Monochrome, for high quality JPG output without extensive computer enhancement and manipulation.

1.1 frames per second at full 40 megapixel resolution

Consecutive shooting up to 1.1 frames per second at full 40 megapixel resolution, enables action photography in a medium format camera system.

Mirror dampening hardware

Mirror dampening hardware applies a braking action to the mirror swing, minimizing the effect of camera shake and noise levels to the image capture process.

HDMI output

HDMI output for high resolution image display on HDTVs.

Lens Compatability

Compatibility with new D FA autofocus lenses as well as older 645 lenses ensures a wide selection of PENTAX glass for a wide range of photographic applications.

14 Bit RAW files in PEF and Adobe DNG

Deep, 14 Bit RAW files in PEF and Adobe DNG formats retain great detail in highlight and shadow areas of an image, and offer a high level of flexibility when processing RAW files.

ISO 100-1600

ISO 100-1600 provides great existing-light photo capture with outstanding noise performance.

All-glass, trapezoid pentaprism viewfinder

All-glass, trapezoid pentaprism viewfinder with interchangeable focusing screens offers a 98% field of view viewing angle for accurate framing applications.

Lens Correction function

Lens Correction function automatically compensates for lateral chromatic aberration, as well as barrel and spool distortion common to wide angle lens photography, with select PENTAX 645 lenses.

In-camera HDR image capture

An in-camera HDR image capture function blends 3 consecutive frames of varying exposures into a single, perfectly blended image, maximizing detail within all tonal ranges.

Mirror Lockup function

Mirror Lockup function prevents blur caused by the movement of the mirror during the exposure, ensuring the sharpest possible image capture for professional-caliber applications.

High capacity Li-Ion battery

High capacity Li-Ion battery provides up to 800 shots in typical shooting conditions.

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Pentax - Pentax
Image Sensor
Total Resolution: 7264x5440 pixels
Total Resolution:
The full count of pixels on a camera's sensor.

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Sensor Type: CCD
Sensor Type:
Describes the makeup, build, and technology of the sensor that is in the camera.

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Display Specifications
Screen Size: 3"
Screen Size:
The size of the screen listed by height and width.

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Display Type: LCD screen
Display Type:
The type or brand of the screen.

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Detailed Specifications
Image Stabilization: Mirror dampening hardware applies a braking action to the mirror swing
Image Stabilization:
This is a family of techniques used to reduce blurring associated with the motion of a camera during exposure. Image stabilization helps in low light situations using slower shutter speeds.

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Compatible Media: Dual-slot SD/SDHC memory card support
Compatible Media:
A storage medium that is compatible with your portable device, in a form that can easily be removed or accessed by a PC such as a type of memory card that is compatible with your camera.

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Viewfinder: All-glass, trapezoid pentaprism viewfinder with interchangeable focusing screens
The eye level device you look through to compose the image.

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Shutter Speeds: 30s - 1/4,000s, and bulb
Shutter Speeds:
The amount of time the shutter stay open for exposure. Measured in fractions of seconds.

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Remote Control: Yes, infrared (0s, 3s, continuous) and cable switch
Remote Control:
An external device that can be used to activate the shutter in a camera so no physical contact with the camera is necessary. There are both wired and wireless remote controls for various applications.

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Self Timer: 12s, 2s
Self Timer:
Allows a delay between pressing the shutter release button and the actual firing of the shutter. Commonly used to give photographers time to put themselves in the shot and to take photos without having to physically have their hands on the camera during exposure.

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System Requirements
Operating system: Windows: Windows XP/Vista/7, USB 2.0 port Mac: MacOS-X 10.3-10.5, USB 2.0 port
Operating system:
The type of operating system a device or software is designed for.

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Control Specifications
Exposure Control: Program (P), Sensitivity Priority (Sv), Shutter Priority (Tv), Aperture Priority (Av), Shutter and Aperture Priority (TAv), Metered Manual, Bulb, X-Speed
Exposure Control:
The settings on a camera that adjust to get the correct exposure. Shutter speed, aperture and ISO sensitivity are generally three basic types of exposure control.

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Meter Modes: Multi-segment: Yes, 77 segments Center weighted: Yes Spot: Yes
Meter Modes:
The various modes in which the camera will measure light. Most DSLRs and some advanced point and shoots have the ability to meter an entire scene (matrix/evaluative) or a specific point (centerweighted/spot)

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Physical Specifications
Dimensions: 6.1 x 4.6 x 4.7" (15.6 x 11.7 x 11.9 cm)
The measurements of an object.

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Weight: 49.4 oz (1,400 g)
The physical weight of the item without packaging.

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Color: Black
The color of the item.

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Maximum Sync Speed: 1/125 sec
Maximum Sync Speed:
Fastest shutter speed.

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Built-in Flash: No
Built-in Flash:
A flash that is embedded or part of the camera. Built-in flashes are found in both DSLR and Point & Shoot cameras. Although practical because of their small size and ease of use, built-in flashes are often ineffective and/or unflattering as a main source of light.

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Flash Modes: On, redeye, slow sync, slow sync + redeye
Flash Modes:
Different modes that determines how a flash will be used in a photo.

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Exposure Compensation: +/- 5 EV (1/3 and 1/2 steps)
Exposure Compensation:
Refers to the option for the user to override the internal light meter in the camera to either OVER or UNDER expose based on middle/18% gray. This is especially useful when photographing either extremely white/bright scenes or when in very dark/dimly lit scenarios.

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External Flash System: Hotshoe (P-TTL, high speed sync available), wireless with PENTAX dedicated flash, X-sync socket
External Flash System:
An off camera flash used for more creative lighting.

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Video Output Terminal: mini phone type
Video Output Terminal:
A terminal for video output.

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Imaging & Exposure Control
White Balance: Auto preset modes: Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Fluorescent (D, N, W, L), Tungsten, Flash, CTE Manual mode(s): Yes, manual and 3 color temperature selections available>br> WB fine adjustment available in all modes
White Balance:
White Balance is the process of removing unrealistic color casts so that objects which appear white in person are rendered white in your photo.

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ISO Speed: ISO 100-1600
ISO Speed:
The ISO speed setting dictates sensitivity to light. The higher the ISO speed, the more sensitive the film or digital sensor is to light. Higher ISOs have the effect of noise in an image. The actual ISO at which the noise occurs varies from camera to camera. Low ISOs are generally used for brighter lighting conditions and high ISOs are often used for low light or action shots.

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Power System
Drive Modes: ne Shot (no data, basic data, full data, color channel histogram), Multi Image Display (1, 2, 4, 9, 16, 36, 81 thumbnails), Calendar Filmstrip, Folder, Magnification, Select & Delete
Drive Modes:
Also referred to as release modes, cameras often have several different modes in which they will capture images including: single shot, continuous drive (low and high), self timer, and mirror lock-up.

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AC Adapter: Yes--optional
AC Adapter:
The type of AC adapter.

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Battery Type: Rechargeable Li-Ion battery D-LI90
Battery Type:
The type of battery for a device. Some cameras use single use alkaline while others use rechargeable lithium batteries.

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Maximum Burst: Up to 1.1 frames per second at full 40MP resolution
Maximum Burst:
Refers to the maximum number of shots that can be taken continuously before the internal buffer is filled and the shutter release is locked, temporarily preventing further exposures.

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Recording Data
Internal Memory: No
Internal Memory:
This is the internal data storage of a device that does not include expandable memory.

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Image Formats: Raw (PEF and DNG), JPG
Image Formats:
The types of files that a particular camera produces. All cameras output JPEG images, but some of the more sophisticated models will shoot in RAW mode. RAW Image Formats will vary based on manufacturer.

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Color Space: 2.81""
Color Space:
Digital cameras use additive RGB gamuts to capture color in numerical values. This refers to the options of various color spaces that can be used. The most common are Adobe RGB and sRGB

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Brand: Pentax
Focusing Control
AF Points: 11 points, Auto, user-selectable, center
AF Points:
Refers to Autofocus points on a digital camera. A camera can have as many as 51 AF points.

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Focus Modes: AF Single (w/ focus lock), AF Continuous, Manual Focus point adjustment: Auto, user-selectable, center
Focus Modes:
The types of focus modes an item has.

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Metering Range: EV 2 to 21 (ISO 200 w 55mm F2.8)
Metering Range:
The range that the meter can work in. Usually indicated as exposure values.

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Camera Attributes
Sensor Size: 33 x 44mm (55mm diagonal)
Sensor Size:
Refers to the actual physical size of the imaging sensor in the camera. A sensor that has the same dimensions as a 35mm frame of film is considered to be "full" frame. Other smaller sensor sizes are described in terms relative to a "full" sized sensor. (e.g. an APS-C 1.5x crop sensor)

View All Attribute Definitions

Camera Type: Medium Format SLR
Camera Type:
The type of camera. Examples: SLR, point and shoot, mirrorless.

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Lens Mount: PENTAX 645AF2 bayonet mount
Lens Mount:
The type of lens mount.

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Hardware & Software Data
Interface & Connectivity: USB2.0 (Hi-Speed: mini B-type), Video output (mini phone type), HDMI output (type C mini), DC input , Cable switch, X-sync socket
Interface & Connectivity:
The connectivity of an interface to a network.

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In The Box

- Pentax 645D Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)

- Pentax SMC 645D FA 55mm F/2.8 AL (IF) SDM AW

- Pentax SMC DA 645 25mm F/4 AL (IF) SDM AW (wqith lens case)

- (1) Lexar 16GB 400X UHI-1 SD card

- Rechargeable L-ion battery D-LI90 (B)

- AC plug cord D-cozu

- Pentax strap

- Pentax USB cable I-USB107

- Battery Charger D-BC90 (A)



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