Epson Stylus Pro 9890 Designer Edition Printer (Black and Gray)

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- Mix and match across all three ink cartridge sizes - Easy-to-Use Front Control Panel - High resolution, 2.5-inch color LCD for improved viewing of printer status - Simple button layout for all navigation and basic printer functions - Superior Connectivity - Standard connectivity includes one USB 2.0 and one 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port - Professional Epson photographic drivers for Macintosh and Windows - Fully supported by most leading third-party software RIPs and workflows

Maximum Resolution:
2880 x 1440 dpi
Maximum Resolution:
The maximum size of a print with optimum quality.
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Paper Type:
Premium Glossy Photo Paper /Premium Semigloss Photo Paper /Premium Luster Photo /Premium Semimatte Photo /Ultra Premium Presentation Paper Matte /Enhanced Matte /Doubleweight Matte /Singleweight Matte /Commercial Proofing Paper /Semimatte White Proofing P
Paper Type:
This is the paper type.
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The Stylus Pro 9890 Designer Edition Printer from Epson gives you the ability to print on almost any type of media, including rigid materials. As an upgrade of the Stylus Pro 7890, the printer has the ability to print on wider, 44-inch media and has an optional automatic take-up reel system which helps automate large print runs.

The Stylus Pro 9890 is ideal for signage, posters, and photography, and because it has 4 blacks it's ideal for printing your black and white photography. Switching between media is fast and easy, ensuring a better workflow and minimal down time while swapping media. Epson's ePlaten Media Loading Technology uses the roll's barcode to store information about each roll for the next time you use it. The printer will remember how much was left on the roll the next time you insert it into the printer. Because it knows exactly how much paper is left on the roll, you won't waste time and ink printing when there isn't enough left on the roll. This especially comes in handy if you frequently switch between printing media - you don't have to keep track of how much is left and if it's enough for your job, the printer does it for you. Other convenient features include automatic roll rewind upon media release and roll adapters instead of a media spindle which simply attach to the 2 ends of the roll and provide a secure connection to the printer. You also have the option to buy additional media adapters and leave them attached to frequently used rolls to speed up the media swapping process.

The nine individual ink cartridges are available in sizes up to 700 ml, helping you make in-house printing more cost-effective so you save valuable time and can fully control your results. The pressurized ink cartridges deliver the exact amount of ink required and should one of them run out during a print job, you can switch to a new cartridge right then and there, no need to cancel the current job, lose the page you were printing and start over.

              High-Precision Eight-Channel Epson MicroPiezo TFP Print Head

  • Thin Film Piezo (TFP) print head design capable of handling eight separate ink channels
  • One-inch-wide, high performance print head with 360 nozzles per channel
  • Auto-sharing Black ink channel technology
  • Low vibration meniscus control for highly accurate dot shape and placement
  • Ink repelling coating for dramatically reduced nozzle clogging
  • Produces variable-sized droplets as small as 3.5 picoliters to greatly decrease print times while optimizing photographic quality

    Epson AccuPhoto HD Screening

  • Advanced eight-color screening algorithm resulting in prints with superior color and clarity
  • Maximum resolution of 2880 x 1440 dpi for incredibly sharp text and line art
  • Produces extremely fine blends and photographic transitions
  • Extremely accurate highlight-to-shadow details
  • No visible photographic graininess due to the printing process
  • Ensures consistent color balance regardless of the viewing light source
  • When combined with the precise dot placement accuracy of the Epson MicroPiezo TFP print head, overall photographic print quality is dramatically improved

    Automatic Nozzle Verification And Cleaning
  • Embedded sensors quickly verify nozzle status without using media and automatically clean the print head if required

    Industry-Defining, Eight-Color, Pigment-Based Ink System
  • High-density pigments for an extremely wide color gamut
  • Unique formulation of Magenta pigments for extreme blues and purples
  • Designed to work with Epson AccuPhoto HD screening technology
  • Professional print permanence
  • Outstanding short-term color stability for mission-critical proofing applications
  • Improved Microcrystal Encapsulation technology for reduced gloss differential

    Three-Level Black Ink Technology
  • Simultaneously uses Black, Light Black, and Light Light Black inks
  • Significantly improves the gray balance while eliminating color casts
  • Outstanding highlight-to-shadow grayscale accuracy for a smoother tonal range
  • Virtually eliminates any bronzing of basic pigment chemistry
  • Enhances the ICC profiling process for ColorSync and WCS workflows

    Automatic Black Ink Mode Switching
  • Both Photo and Matte Black ink cartridges are installed simultaneously
  • Depending upon your media type or driver setting, the printer will automatically switch to the correct black ink type
  • Switching can occur automatically or provide a warning before proceeding
  • Highly-efficient print head design ensures fast switching with minimal ink usage
  • Automatically ensures optimum black ink density, regardless of media type used

    Professional Media Handling
  • Compatible with virtually any media type, in roll or cut sheets, up to 24" or 44" wide
  • Accurate loading of cut-sheet media up to 1.5 mm thick posterboard
  • All media is front-loaded via a unique straight-through media path
  • Printer and driver based media identification and synchronization system for virtually error-free media use
  • Media bin safely captures multiple prints up to 24" x 36" or 44" x 36"
  • Optional Automatic Take-up Reel System for unattended production of large print runs

    Epson ePlaten Media Loading Technology
  • Accurate automatic media loading, movement, skew adjustment and tracking
  • Electronically controlled roll media back tension
  • Automatic roll media rewind upon media release
  • Simplifies the overall roll and cut-sheet media loading process

    Spindle-Free Roll Media Loading
  • User-adjustable roll media adapters accept either 2- or 3-inch media cores
  • Simple tension lever ensures quick and secure media core loading
  • Designed with Epson ePlaten technology for highly-accurate roll media usage
  • Additional media adapter pairs available as an accessory for efficient roll media switching

    Roll Media Length Tracking and Identification System
  • Real-time automatic remaining roll media length counter Auto barcode tagging of remaining roll media information for faster reloading. (Very useful for tracking partially used media rolls)

    High Performance Rotary Cutting System
  • Durable rotary cutter, designed to be virtually maintenance free
  • High performance cutting speeds - cuts 24" to 44" wide rolls in under two seconds
  • Off-carriage cutting system eliminates media dust within critical components
  • Capable of cutting virtually any media type, including most canvas and fine art papers

    Epson Intelligent High-Capacity Ink System
  • Pressurized ink cartridge technology ensures reliable ink delivery at all print speeds, while dramatically reducing the physical size of the ink cartridges
  • Nine individual ink cartridges; available in 150 ml, 350 ml, and 700 ml fill capacities
  • On-the-fly ink cartridge replacement for increased productivity

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Epson - Epson
Power Requirements & Consumption
Approximate Consumption: Operating: 70 W /Sleep: < 16 W Off (standby): < 1 W
Approximate Consumption:
This is the approximate power consumption with normal use.

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Energy Star Compliant: 417LBS
Energy Star Compliant:
This refers to energy-efficient products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants caused by the inefficient use of energy; and also offer savings on energy bills without sacrificing performance, features, and comfort.

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Printing Method Data
Printer Technology: Advanced MicroPiezo TFP print head with ink repelling coating technology
Printer Technology:
The type of printer technology.

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Number Of Nozzles: 360 nozzles per printhead
Number Of Nozzles:
The number of nozzles.

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Maximum Resolution: 2880 x 1440 dpi
Maximum Resolution:
The maximum size of a print with optimum quality.

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Ink Palette: Cyan, light cyan, vivid magenta, vivid light magenta, yellow, light black, light light, photo black, matte black
Ink Palette:
The type of color.

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Buffer/Ram: C, Lc, VM, VLm, Y, Lk, LLk + PK or MK
A memory device that accepts printer output from one or more computers and transmits it to the printer. This lets the computer dispose of its printer output at full speed without waiting for each page to print. Printer buffers with automatic switching are connected to two or more computers and accept their output on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Print Longevity/Archival: Color: Up to 200 years/ B&W: Over 200 years
Print Longevity/Archival:
The archival quality of a print. Most fine art papers are considered archival quality, but not all papers have are acid-free.

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Ink Cartridge Configuration: 9 cartridges with auto sharing black ink channel
Ink Cartridge Configuration:
This is the configuration of ink cartridges in a printer. The ink cartridge configuration can affect the print quality.

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Minimum Ink Droplet Size: 3.5 picoliters
Minimum Ink Droplet Size:
The minimum size of an ink droplet. Also referred to as DPI.

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Physical Specifications
Weight: 256 lb (116.12 kg)
The physical weight of the item without packaging.

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Color: Gray
The color of the item.

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Brand: Epson
Paper Handling
Paper Size: 8.27 x 11.0"" (210 mm x 279 mm) to 44.0"" Wide
Paper Size:
The size of the paper

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Borderless Paper Sizes: Width: 10.0"", 13.0"", 16.0"", 17.0"", 24.0"", 36.0"", 44.0""/ Length: Top and bottom edges can be automatically cut to any length when printing on roll media.
Borderless Paper Sizes:
This is the size of the paper.

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Maximum Paper Thickness: 19.7 mil (0.5 mm)
Maximum Paper Thickness:
The maximum amount of paper thickness.

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Paper Type: Premium Glossy Photo Paper /Premium Semigloss Photo Paper /Premium Luster Photo /Premium Semimatte Photo /Ultra Premium Presentation Paper Matte /Enhanced Matte /Doubleweight Matte /Singleweight Matte /Commercial Proofing Paper /Semimatte White Proofing P
Paper Type:
This is the paper type.

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Maximum Paper Size (Sheets): Auto-loading
Hardware & Software Data
Interface & Connectivity: Hi-Speed USB 2.0, Ethernet (10/100Base-T)
Interface & Connectivity:
The connectivity of an interface to a network.

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Color Management: automatic
Color Management:
Software used to correct color of displays and printers.

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Operating Systems & Requirements: Windows System Requirement:Windows XP/Vista/7 (both x32 and x64 supported) /Apple System Requirement:Macintosh Leopard 10.5 or higher (16-bit file support)
Operating Systems & Requirements:
The minimum operating system and hardware requirements to use hardware or run software.

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Direct Print Capability: Color and Monochrome 360 nozzles x 9
Direct Print Capability:
Allows camera to connect directly with a compatible photo printer and make prints without the need of a computer.

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In The Box

Epson Stylus Pro 9890 Designer Edition Printer

Printer Stand

Set Of Roll Paper Holders

Cable Guides

Documentation & Software CD

Power Cord

Paper Basket

Introductory Cyan Ink Cartridge

Introductory Light Cyan Ink Cartridge

Introductory Vivid Magenta Ink Cartridge

Introductory Vivid Light Magenta Ink Cartridge

Introductory Yellow Ink Cartridge

Introductory Matte Black Ink Cartridge

Introductory Photo Black Ink Cartridge

Introductory Light Black Ink Cartridge

Introductory Light Light Black Ink Cartridge

1-Year Limited Warranty With Toll-Free Tech Support

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