Cokin CP164 Circular Polarizer P Series Glass Filter

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* Cokin Filter P Circular Polarizer * Reduces glare and reflections * Increases color saturation in sky and water scenes

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Cokin Filter P Circular Polarizer. Particularly designed for cameras with a polarizing half mirror (split beam metering) and Digital cameras. Increases the color saturation of blue skies, removes the unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as glass, water, etc Use an angle of 45 from the subject and turn the filter into the holder to adjust the polarizing effect.

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Detailed Specifications
Filter Type: Circular Polarizer
Filter Type:
The type of filter for a lens. Filters can be screwed on the front element or dropped in for larger zoom lens.

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Multi-Coated: No
A series of optical coatings that are on a lens/filter that help reduce the impact of reflections. The result is a higher transmission percentage of light. All modern lenses are multi-coated.

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Filter Construction: Glass
Filter Construction:
This is the construction of a type of filter. The type of process used to create a filter can affect its price. Filters can be constructed out of regular glass that sandwiches a coloured gel in between or in high-end filters, raw elements are added to the molten optical glass so there is no risk of uneven colour or fading.

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Filter Effect: neutral density
Filter Effect:
Allows various filter effects to be done in-camera while shooting. Common filter effects are vivid, neutral, sepia, black and white, negative, cooling, warming, etc...

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Filter Factor: Between 2.3 and 2.8 (approx. +1.3 stops)
Filter Factor:
When placed in the optical path, many filters block a certain amount of light from reaching the lens. Filter factor relates to how much exposure compensation is required in order to adjust for this. Most cameras have TTL metering and will be able to do this automatically.

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Physical Specifications
Color: Clear
The color of the item.

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Brand: Cokin
Brand: Cokin

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* Cokin Circular Polarizer P Series Glass Filter

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