Canon LV-7390 Multimedia Projector

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- 3000 Lumens - LCD Technology - Native XGA Resolution (1024 x 768) - High Contrast 2000:1 - 1.2x Optical Zoom Lens - Reduced and Simpler Maintenance - Quiet Operation and Closed Captioning - Flexible Connectivity - Longer Lamp Life, Up to 6000 Hours - Built-in Speaker

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0.63"" Active Matrix x 3
Projector Display System:
This is the type of projection used by a projector. Common projection types are LCD, DLP, and CRT.
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786,432 x 3 = 2,359,296
A single picture element of a digital photo.
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The Canon LV-7390 offers great value in a 3000 lumens portable LCD projector, delivering bright and clear images in large and small venues. The projectors auto iris brings a 2000:1 contrast ratio ensuring images will display crisp blacks with depth and dimension. The LV-7390 has been designed to maximize ease of use and maintenance with longer lamp life, up to 6000 hours in Quiet Mode, and an air filter designed to withstand 5500 hours of use in ECO Mode. Whether your LV-7390 is used portably or installed, you will enjoy a simpler maintenance schedule.

This new model has the flexibility needed for educators, small/startup businesses and traveling salespeople as they will find great value and capability in this high-performance, affordable LCD projector.

LCD Technology

Canon brings the best of LCD technology to the LV-7390 projector. This projector has been designed and specified to deliver the impressive image quality you expect from a Canon product. LCD technology allows the LV-7390 to be small, light and portable, while still giving it the capability to serve as a great installation unit

Native XGA Resolution (1024 x 768)

Clear, sharp video, diagrams and text are yours with the LV-7390's XGA (1024 x 768) resolution. It is an ideal pairing with an XGA laptop computer and, in addition, the affordable LV-7390 also supports WXGA resolution from your widescreen laptop or PC through high quality compression

High Brightness - 3000 Lumens, High Contrast - 2000:1

The LV-7390's 3000 lumens will produce bright, clearly visible images in spaces from offices and small classrooms to larger classrooms and boardrooms. This projector's high brightness is able to offset a reasonable amount of ambient light in a venue without sacrificing visibility of the image. The projector's built-in auto iris delivers a 2000:1 contrast ratio, ensuring that what you project shows deep blacks and bright whites.

Another key benefit of the LV-7390's AC lamp system is that it lasts up to 6000 hours in Quiet mode

1.2x Optical Zoom Lens

To make the best presentation possible, you must be able to place the projector precisely where you want or need to and to choose just the right screen size your venue demands. The 1.2x optical zoom lens of the LV-7390 makes that easier.

By allowing you to take full advantage of its wide projection distance coverage, from 3.6 to 34.4' (1.1 to 10. m), and screen sizes 40 to 300" (1016 to 7620mm), the LV-7390 gives outstanding flexibility for use in small or moderately large spaces

Reduced and Simpler Maintenance

The high performance of the LV-7390 is matched with impressive durability in use and simplified maintenance. While delivering more, it costs you less in time and maintenance.

Longer Lamp Life

With up to 4000 hours lamp life in Normal mode and 6000 hours in Eco mode possible, the extended lamp life of the LV-7390 lowers operating costs and reduces maintenance.

Longer Air Filter Life

The high-performance three-layer hybrid filters of the LV-7390 can last up to 5500 hours in Eco mode. Consisting of perforated metal, urethane and metal mesh, anti-dust performance is greatly improved and filter life is dramatically lengthened over that of single layer electrostatic filters. It offers significantly reduced maintenance time.

Easy Access Lamp

To make replacing the lamp quick and easy, the LV-7390's lamp is located on the top of the projector. There is no need to move the projector, even if it is ceiling mounted. To further aid in maintenance, a replacement counter indicates when lamps and filters require changing

Convenient, Easy to Use Features and Design

Making the LV-7390 more convenient and easier to use were the goals of the Canon designers. You'll find controls and features made to let you concentrate on making better presentations.

Quick Start and Quick Power Off

Quick start and quick power off make it more convenient to operate the LV-7390 and help to lengthen lamp life. With the push of a button this projector will quickly spring into action for a spur-of-the-moment presentation, or shut down to be packed for use in another meeting room.

Auto Setup Function

Setting up the LV-7390 is both quick and easy with the auto setup function. Through a single button you can set auto input, auto PC and auto keystone correction.

With the projector placed on a flat surface, the engagement of auto setup will employ sensors which will detect the tilt of the projector in relation to the screen, automatically correcting for any keystone distortion - up to +/- 20 degrees vertically. Of course, keystone correction can be adjusted manually as well up to +/- 30 degrees.

Control Panel

Easy to use and clear controls for volume and menu mean that the focus of a presenter will be on the presentation, not on running the projector. The LV-7390 makes it simple to switch between input sources at the touch of a button. Buttons which are familiar in look and feel to those of printers and copy machines fall easily to hand. For added convenience, the wireless IR remote control can be used.

Tab-Style Menu

The clear to read, white text on black background of the LV-7390's on-screen menu is easy to navigate. For added convenience, choose from 21 languages for the menu display.

Multiple Image Modes

Users can select from multiple image modes to ensure content is optimally displayed.

Presentation - bright setting that emphasizes contrast overall - most suitable for presentations (PowerPoint, etc).

Standard - setting that provides standard easy-to-see images.

High Contrast - provides clear, easy-to-see images in brighter environments.

Cinema - setting best suited for movie projection (DVD and HDTV) as it excels at providing gradations of dark portions of images.

Blackboard (Greenboard) - reproduces close hues when projecting on classroom blackboards.

Colorboard - reproduces close hues when projecting on colored walls.

In addition, on the image quality adjustment menu users can manually perform more detailed settings such as contrast, hue and brightness and then save those settings to memory in one of four user image modes.

Built-in Speaker

Even if you don't have an external sound system to use, the 10W high output speaker of the LV-7390 delivers clear, well produced sound for venues of varying sizes

Flexible Connectivity

The LV-7390 connects to a variety of devices, including laptop and desktop computers, DVD players, and digital cameras and camcorders.

Network-ready RJ-45 Port

To maximize the usability of the LV-7390, the built-in RJ-45 port enables centralized control and monitoring from a networked PC. This makes it simple for an A/V team to operate ceiling mounted installed projectors from a remote PC, allowing fewer personnel to cover a larger service area.

RS-232 Serial Port

Control the LV-7390 through a third-party system with the built-in RS-232 serial port.

Video Input & Output

The LV-7390 has a composite video input and analog RGB output for high-definition video projection and composite video monitoring.

Multiple Audio Inputs & Output

Two audio mini-jack stereo inputs and one output are found on the LV-7390 for relaying audio through external speakers. It provides the flexibility needed to play audio from a linked DVD or PC source

Quiet Operation

Give your audience the silent treatment with the quietness of the LV-7390. In Normal mode the projector runs at 36dB and that drops to 29dB in Quiet mode, allowing all ears to be on the presentation.

Closed Captioning

If you are presenting to a hearing impaired audience or in a venue with a high level of ambient noise, the LV-7390 can deliver closed captioning to make any difficult to understand dialogue perfectly clear

Canon USA Projector and Lamp Limited Warranty

The LV-7390 projector is backed by Canon USA's projector and lamp limited warranty, which guarantees that it will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for 3 years from the date of original purchase, and the lamp for 120 days from the date of original purchase.

Projector Protection Program (Triple P)

Add to that Canon USA's Projector Protection Program ("Triple P"), a free service program that provides a loaner projector of equal or greater value in the event that a qualifying unit is in need of repair. Triple P is available on all Canon projector models during the Canon USA projector and lamp limited warranty

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Power Requirements & Consumption
Approximate Consumption: Normal Mode: <266W
Approximate Consumption:
This is the approximate power consumption with normal use.

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Detailed Specifications
Lens: F2.0-2.15, f=18.38-22.06mm
One or more pieces of optical glass or similar material designed to collect and focus rays of light to form a sharp image on the film, paper, or projection screen.

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Power Requirements: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power Requirements:
This is the battery or adapter necessary to power a device.

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Watts: 215W
A unit of power that measures the rate of energy conversion or transfer. Usually the electric power required by an appliance or device.

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HDTV Compatibility: 1080i/1035i/720p/575p/575i/480p/480i
HDTV Compatibility:
Refers to a device's ability to output high definition audio and video. These devices often require HDMI cables to connect with a HDTV.

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Physical Specifications
Dimensions: 13.1 x 4 x 9.7" / 33.27 x 10.16 x 24.64 cm
The measurements of an object.

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Weight: 6.6 lb / 2.99 kg
The physical weight of the item without packaging.

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Color: White
The color of the item.

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Brand: Canon
Brand: Canon
Image Display
Projector Display System: 0.63"" Active Matrix x 3
Projector Display System:
This is the type of projection used by a projector. Common projection types are LCD, DLP, and CRT.

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Pixels: 786,432 x 3 = 2,359,296
A single picture element of a digital photo.

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Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
Contrast Ratio:
Measure of a display system.

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Lens Specs
Focus Adjusting: Manual
Focus Adjusting:
This is a fine-tune adjustment to make auto-focus more accurate on a lens.

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