Benro A3580F Classic AL Aluminum Flip Lock Tripod Legs Only

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- Adjustable Leg Angles 
- For an extra measure of flexibility
- Wing nut-style Column Lock
- Secure, intuitive-action height adjustments
- Quick Lock Legs
- Anti-Rotation Leg System
- Anti-rotation legsfast
- Fumble-free set-up
- Reversible Center Column
- Eliminate unwanted column rotation
- Head Mounting Setscrews
- Extra level of security
- Spirit Level and Compass
- Keep your camera squared-off and level
- Stainless Steel Spiked or Rubber Feet
- Center-Column Hook
- Allows to hang additional weight
- Closed-Cell Foam Grip
- Provides comfortable yet firm grip
- Shoulder Strap and Carry Case
- Provide maximum protection

Leg Sections:
Leg Sections:
Number of leg sections.
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Maximum Height (With Center Column Down):
69.3 in (1760 mm)
Maximum Height (With Center Column Down):
Maximum height of a tripod with center column down.
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The Benro A3580F Classic AL Aluminum Flip Lock Tripod Stand is built in an extremely lightweight and robust fashion. It ably supports a medium-format camera or a DSLR that comes with a long telephoto lens. It can sustain an optimum weight of 33 lb. When the center column and the four legs are completely expanded, the tripod is able to attain its maximum height of 69.3". This tripod stand also comes with myriad of professional attributes such as user-adjustable flip locks on the legs that guarantee superior strength. Locking screws in the top plate are also included for additional sturdiness while attaching an external head. A hook at the base of the central section enables you to dangle a counterweight from the tripod's axis of gravity for enhanced durability, particularly when faced with gusty winds or uneven loads.

This tripod stand features modifiable leg angles, which can separately lock into place in three diverse positions. This facilitates shooting even on uneven surfaces or at ground level. The legs also resist rotation with their swift locking capabilities. This means that the tripod's height can conveniently be modified by simply flipping its fast locking leg levers. Merged with its rotation-resistant factor, the locking ability of the tripod permits quick setups sans any obstacles.

The tripod also boasts of feet that have a rubber base along with stainless steel spikes that can easily be screwed in and out of the leg. This unique feature offers you a firm grip on the ground. One of the legs also features a heavy coating of closed-cell nitrile butadiene rubber foam that offers you a comfortable yet secure grip while hauling the tripod around. The foam coating also diminishes adverse effects of strenuous hot and cold conditions.

Another unique feature of the Benro A3580F is its wingnut styled center column locking knob that enables easy and firm height modifications almost instantaneously. It also has a detachable and reversible center column that is affixed firmly to the tripod, so that you can mount a camera in as much proximity to the ground as humanly possible. One more brilliant feature of the camera is a spirit level built into the chassis, which helps to maintain the camera in a position that is level with subject to be shot. The chassis also features an in-built compass that assists in directional navigation while shooting.

The tripod also comes with a durable carrying case along with robust shoulder straps, which effectively safeguards your tripod from natural forces like heat, humidity, moisture, cold, rain and dust. The case's shoulder straps can just as well function as the tripod's hauling strap. All you need to do is slip the lasso of the straps around the tripod's legs and affix the clip of the loop on the tripod's magnesium chassis to the opposite end of the strap.

With its lightweight and easily portable design, along with a maximum height of 69.3", plus a folded height of 23.2", the Benro A3580F Classic AL Aluminum Flip Lock Tripod Stand is a must-have for all professional photographers.

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Benro - Benro
Detailed Specifications
Attachment: 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16
An accessory that can be attached to the hotshoe of a camera.

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Material: aluminum
The substance that something is made out of.

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Closed Length: 23.2 in (590 mm)
Closed Length:
The length of a lens (or a camera with a non-interchangeable fixed lens) when it is compressed to its smallest/most compact size. This is usually at the widest focal length in the zoom range.

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Physical Specifications
Weight: 5.3 lbs (2.4 kg)
The physical weight of the item without packaging.

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Color: Black
The color of the item.

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Tripod Detailed Specifications
Leg Sections: 4
Leg Sections:
Number of leg sections.

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Maximum Height (With Center Column Down): 69.3 in (1760 mm)
Maximum Height (With Center Column Down):
Maximum height of a tripod with center column down.

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Centre Column: Grooved-Rapid
Centre Column:
Extendable center column to gain more height on a tripod without extension of the legs.

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Leg Angles: 24 degrees
Leg Angles:
The angle that legs of a tripod move.

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Load Capacity: 33 lbs (15 kg)
Load Capacity:
The maximum amount of weight that can be held by an apparatus.

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Brand: Benro

In The Box

- Benro A3580F Classic Aluminum Flip Lock Tripod
- Deluxe Carry Case
- Strap
- Spike Feet & Tools
- Warranty: 5 = 3 years at purchase + 2 years after online registration

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