Edwin Herbert Land was an American inventor and scientist whose claim to fame was the co-foundation of the Polaroid Corporation. Polaroid is known as the first company in the world to manufacture instant cameras and films. Edwin H. Land was known to have voluntarily dropped out after pursuing a degree in Chemistry at the Harvard University for all of one year. Fascinated by the concept of light polarization and its role in photography, Land left Harvard to create the first cheap filters for polarizing light.

However, working alone meant that he had no laboratory to conduct his experiments in. This made his task very tough, especially since light polarization requires highly sophisticated equipment. He would sneak into the laboratories of the Columbia University and avail himself of the books in the New York Public Library to do all his research and experimentation on light polarization. He realized that making a film with millions of micron-sized polarizing crystals coaxed firmly into place would be easier than trying to develop one large crystal. Thus, he created the world’s first polarizing instant camera film. Together with his Harvard Physics instructor George Wheelwright, he decided to commercialize this technology, and they established the Land-Wheelwright Laboratories in 1932. Land continued research on the polarizing technology and developed polarizing filters for sunglasses and photographic filters, then went on to gain more funding from Wall Street investors. The instant camera filmmaking company was officially renamed the Polaroid Corporation in 1937.

Polaroid used the polarization technology to aid military affairs by developing night vision goggles, target finders and the first passively guided smart bombs. Polarization as a technology was patented by Edwin Land under the Polaroid brand name. In 1947, Land’s latest invention, the Polaroid instant camera and film, took the market by storm. Ever since, camera making and polarizing sunglasses have been the company’s mainstay. The company continues its tradition of groundbreaking innovation, and the Polaroid Cube is their latest offering. If you are wondering where to buy Polaroid products, UniquePhoto is the ultimate destination for all your photographic needs.

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