Vanishing Cultures: The Largest Mobile Camera

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Things haven't been looking good for film can practically hear the prolonged death rattle at Kodak. That's why seeing a story like Dennis Manarchy's makes our little analog hearts swell. Many have attempted to create the worlds largest camera (perhaps out of certain envy)  but making a giant monolith that takes pictures is not Manarchy's plight, instead he is attempting to make one that will produce the largest negative. This mobile 35 foot camera will create a 4.5 x 6 foot negative with an unimaginable amount of detail (potentially 1000 times greater than your average digital image) These mammoth negatives can be enlarged to 16 x 24 foot prints, or basically two stories tall...making you feel extremely small in comparison. What would you take pictures of with such a machine? Portraits of course. Manarchy's Vanishing Cultures project is an endearing attempt to preserve history and tradition by documenting representatives of falling cultures across the country. The end result would be monumental scale photographs that could be displayed in outdoor exhibitions, along with the stories of the people being photographed. Unfortunately they've only made the prototype of the camera, and like most things obsolete, it will be expensive. That's where he is asking the community for help. There's a kickstarter page that gives greater detail on his project and should you feel that preserving the traditions of culture and film is a worthy cause, you can donate. It's frightening, but one day your kids will ask what that funny plastic stuff you put in cameras was called...So why not donate a few bucks to something that can help us remember where we came from? Furthermore, who doesn't want to see a giant view-camera on wheels running around?