Profoto Introduces the New B1 Off-Camera Flash with TTL

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Profoto Introduces the New B1 Off-Camera Flash with TTL

It's not a's not a speedlight...Well what is it? Profoto has announced the new Profoto B1 "Off Camera Flash" which combines the versatile power of studio lighting with the portability of speedlights. Lots of mash-ups happening lately! The Profoto B1 flash unit isn't your average portable strobe, the game changer here is TTL technology allowing you to have an easier time getting proper exposure with the settings on your camera (with the Profoto air unit of course). The other major plus that differentiates itself from a monolight is that it's completely battery powered. No cords means an even easier time with difficult light placement. While it technically sounds like a big speedlight, keep in mind that the B1 is 10x's as powerful as a normal speedlight. Everyone know's that it's difficult to overpower the sun with just one speedlight, in this case the B1 can prove very useful. Performance-wise it's also pretty darn fast on recycle time: 0.1 seconds at low to 1.9 seconds at full blast. At its lowest setting it can even fire off 20 times per second! The B1 and Air Remote TTL-C (Canon only at the moment, a Nikon version is soon to follow) are available for order, aiming at around $2000 per head while the remote will go for $400.

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