Priest Stops Wedding Ceremony to Scold Photographers


Priest Stops Wedding Ceremony to Scold Photographers

It's your special day and and everything's all set: Perfect weather, a great venue, the bride's maids aren't drunk and crying. Thankfully you hired some talented photographers to help commemorate your very special, very expensive day. What could go wrong?

How about the priest stopping the wedding ceremony to flip out on your photographers?

"This is a solemn assembly...not a photography session."

Yikes. That was awkward. I'm obviously going to side with the photographers because they're being paid to do their JOB, which is to get the very best pictures so that the couple is happy. On the other hand the videographer planting himself right behind the priest...maybe that would ruffle my holy collar too.

What do you think: Was the priest out of line or were the photographers being too disruptive?