New Jersey Banned from Entering Nat-Geo Photo Contest

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Maybe the Jersey Shore did cause some irreparable damage after all...From the looks of this entry page for an upcoming National Geographic photo contest, citizens of New Jersey are void from entry along with other upstanding countries such as Iran, Cuba and North Korea. someone trying to make a subtle nod toward Christie or something? Is NatGeo calling us a communist state? I, as a semi-proud New Jerseyan, am both offended and disappointed. Ever since I was a wee lad, I held dreams of wearing photographers vests with too many pockets and hiding in some foliage with a 400mm lens, waiting hours to get the perfect shot of a Bird of Paradise in it's ritualistic mating dance...but you know what you did, NatGeo? You diced my dreams to bite sized, heart-breaking pieces. How could you?

O.K. Before you raise the pitchforks, it looks like there's more a legal spin around this.

 "In a bona fide skill contest, it is the element of chance that is eliminated. Therefore, it is often possible to require consideration, such as an entry fee for participation. However, note that the states of Colorado, Maryland, Nebraska, North Dakota and Vermont do not allow consideration in a skill contest. Additional states, such as New Jersey and Tennessee, have Attorney General opinions in which the AG has opined that consideration in a skill contest is unlawful. So if your contest is on the internet or is otherwise a national contest, no entry fee or other consideration may be charged, or else these states should be specifically excluded from participation."

Strange, considering I've seen entry fees for photo contests without this warning. In theory they'll gladly take your money, but if you win they might just void your entry. Just a reminder to always read the fine print!