Live from WPPI: Lindsay Adler on Sigma lenses and the SD1

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Linsay Adler is one of the first speakers I remember meeting here at Unique when I started 2+ years ago. Since then we have crossed paths quite a bit at workshops, tradeshows, etc... She is a great fashion photographer and is one of the rising stars in the photo industry. So even though I already spoke with Christine Moossmann from SIgma, I wanted to get Lindsay's input on some of the Sigma gear she uses as a Sigma Pro and working professional photographer. From what I gathered the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 is her favorite lens and based on all the reviews I've read, it is indeed a great portrait lens. Lindsay also points out that the Foveon sensor in the SD1 is able to capture red tones that typically go out of gamut on regular DSLRs. From my experiences shooting sports (red uniforms), landscapes, live shows, etc... I can tell you that highly saturated red tones are often out of gamut or rendered incorrectly. I am hoping to get a SD1 Merrill from Sigma to test out as well. So without further rambling from me, here is my brief interview with Lindsay. -MZ