Introducing The Fujifilm GF20-35mm

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Expand creative horizons with the widest GF lens yet

Offering a 35mm equivalent focal range of a 16-28mm lens, GF20-35mmF4 R LM WR brings the most
popular wide-angle options to the GFX System, giving landscape, travel, and architecture photographers
limitless options to be make use of the system’s 1.7x larger than full frame sensor. It also has the added
convenience of a constant F4 maximum aperture throughout its focal range, which ensures exposure
consistency and fast, accurate autofocusing regardless of the focal length. With one lens fulfilling most
wide-angle needs anyone would have, recording all the beauty the world has to offer is now certainly
possible and within easy reach.

Stunning results at every setting

The optical construction of GF20-35mmF4 R WR comprises 14 elements in ten groups, including three
aspherical, one ED aspherical and three ED elements, for effective control of distortion and chromatic
aberration. As a result, the lens delivers high resolution images up to 100-megapixels with edge-to-edge
sharpness at all focal lengths and aperture settings. Optical quality is further improved through the use of
Fujifilm’s unique Nano GI coating technology, which cuts down reflected light to reduce ghosting and
flare, boosting sharpness, color and detail.

The ideal traveling companion

The compact design of GF20-35mmF4 R LM WR makes it easy to forget it's a large format zoom lens.
Measuring just 112.5mm (4.4 inches) and weighing 725g (25.6 oz) it's perfect for carrying to any location
and a great choice for creatives prepared to hike long distances to find the perfect location. Its internal
zoom mechanism also makes for easy handling and ready to make memorable images. At the end of the
day, GF20-35mmF4 may be similar to its full frame equivalent, but it is certainly More Than Full Frame™
when it comes to large format image quality.

Ready to create in all conditions

Like all G Mount lenses, GF20-35mmF4 R WR features a weather-resistant design with 12 sealed points
protecting the lens from dust and moisture, while also keeping it functioning in temperatures as low as -
10°C (14°F). Furthermore, the front element features a fluorine coating, to repel water, fingerprints and
other marks, ensuring creativity doesn’t need to stop when the bad weather starts.


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