End of the Year Lists

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It's the end of the year...That means all sorts of best-of lists that you're going to get all riled up about. Reuters released a list of their best images and of course, pixel-peeping internet users put it into a pie chart form. What did this show besides that I might be color blind? It shows we're always going to be hopelessly ogling over the kind of gear that was used rather than praising the photographer or simply becoming engaged with a picture. This isn't anything new...getting all worked up about it I can understand, but to me it's kind of useless.  

It does leave me with questions... how do they qualify which is their "best" opposed to which was the most viewed. Is there some kind of scale that rates an image from tear-enticingly moving to mindbogglingly pointless?  Is the key to a successful image a 16-35 lens shot at f/2.8, 1/320th and ISO 200? Is this just an elaborate marketing scheme thanks to some partnership with Canon in hopes of selling more 1D Mark IV's? The world may never know. 

Thanks to Reddit user Mathiasa for the elaborate graphs.