Accessories Fit For The Nikon Z Series


With the newly released Nikon Z Series, you may have been wondering which accessories work well with the Z7 or Z6 cameras. I'm here to help you out! Here are a few accessories that will pair nicely for a varying amount of needs you may have. Looking into these, I've found myself considering purchasing them to add to my photographic arsenal.
Nikon ME-W1: 
Nikon is entering the Video arena with their mirrorless camera! The ME-W1 is water resistant while functioning as a wireless mic. While It has a built-in microphone, the Nikon ME-W1 also features a 3.5mm microphone jack for use with external microphones like a lavalier mic. The volume buttons on the ME-W1 unit adjust the mic input volume and is overall very easy to set up which is perfect for capturing video. The ME-W1 is a separate entity that in theory would work with any camera that has a mic input. Definitely something worth considering!

Nikon FTZ:
If you currently have any Nikon lenses at home or need a varying amount of lenses to do the job, the FTZ adapter for the Nikon Z series will open the door to Nikon’s legacy of lenses. Opening up compatibility between your Nikon f lenses and the advantages they offer, such as in-body image stabilization which will be available to all the lenses attached to the adapter! With this adapter you can mount over 360 different lenses which we are sure will be able to help get any job done.
Nikon EP-5B & EP-5A AC:
Working in a studio and tired of constantly having to charge your batteries every day? With the EP-5B & EP-5A AC plugged into your camera, you will never be without power again. Streamline your work faster knowing you don’t have to worry if you have enough battery to last the shoot or shoots.
Hope this lists helps! Have fun capturing your light!

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