Buy The Aputure MC


I recently picked up the Aputure MC and this is one of my favorite little accessories in my photo kit. These things are like little powerhouse cinematic tools that have a killer price of only $90.These little lights are magnetic, wirelessly charge, SUPER portable, and have a huge array of color options due to it being an RGBWW mini LED light. You can literally mount these things on anything.The light comes with a nifty carrying case which helps to not get damaged bouncing around in your camera bag. There is an app that comes with the light to help you control multiple MC lights at the same time and have them work in unison for an even color profile or vibe you’re looking to create for a shoot.

There are 9 built in light FX options that range from paparazzi flash to a light scheme that mimics a tv flashing in the face of your subject. It’s pretty cool that it has to many little built in effects for a $90 light! There are a legit million uses for this tiny little light. I actually purchased two of these lights and use them for a number of different desired moods when I shoot.  These flexible little lights allow you to create whatever kind of scene you want in a shoot. The fact that you can control the hue, saturation, and intensity you can create any color palette you want for your shoot. This lightweight tiny magnetic RGB light is an absolute must for any photographer or videographer looking to add a little something extra to their shoots.

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