Dec 8 - Dec 10

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Classes & Workshops

Ben Lowy

Ben Lowy |

The Evolutionary Photographer
Dec. 9, 3:30pm - Register

Dixie Dixon

Dixie Dixon |

The Art and Soul of Fashion Photography
Dec. 10, 4:30pm - Register

Peter Baumgarten

Peter Baumgarten |

By Path or Paddle - Landscape and Astrophotography
Dec. 9, 3:30pm - Register

Lindsay Adler

Lindsay Adler |

Fashion Lighting to Take to the Bank!
Dec. 11, 1:10pm - Register

Joe Brady

Joe Brady |

Mastering Off-Camera Flash with Speedlights
Dec. 9, 10:30am - Register

Bobbi Lane

Bobbi Lane |

One and Two Light Portraits
Dec. 10, 10:30am - Register

Omar Z. Robles

Omar Z. Robles |

Dance Photography
Dec. 10, 2:50pm - Register

Miguel Quiles

Miguel Quiles |

The Business of Photography
Dec. 10, 4:30pm - Register

Mike Peters

Mike Peters |

Overcoming Your Fear of the Street
Dec. 11, 12:00pm - Register

Kate Testa

Kate Testa |

The Business Of Wedding Photography + Defining Your Style
Dec. 11, 10:20am - Register

Tamron Clean and Check

NJ Food Trucks

Food catering by local food trucks.

Chicken Wings and Things Food Truck

Chick Wings & Things
(Wings, sliders, mozzarella sticks, fries, onion rings and more)

View Website

Surf and Turf Truck

Surf & Turf
(Lobster Rolls, Shrimp Tacos, Veggie Burgers, Soup, Fries and more)

View Website

Special Performances

Each day of the Camera show will feature a different special performer. Make sure to catch their unique skills and practice your own while photographing their high-energy performances. These special guests are sure the be the subject of many photos throughout the show.

Contortionist Friday December 9 Juggler Saturday December 10 Mirror Man Sunday December 11

Raffles & Giveaways

Stop by each display booth & enter to win incredible prizes and free gear.

Canon giveaway Nikon giveaway Panasonic giveaway Olympus giveaway Tamron giveaway Fujifilm giveaway Manfrotto giveaway Sigma giveaway
Bonus Trade In
DJI Copter Demo
olympus launch event

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