Nissin Digital is the leading manufacturer of camera accessories and external flash guns for Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras. Founded in 1959, the company is based in Japan, which has been regarded by many as the most technologically advanced country in the world. Japanese technology, especially in terms of photography, has been one step ahead of the rest of the world. For almost 50 years, Nissin Digital has maintained exceptional quality standards that two generations of photographers have relied on for their lighting needs. Nissin Digital has risen over the past five decades to become the leading manufacturer of the best camera accessories and flash guns in Japan.

Nissin Digital created its first professional flash unit called Primo in 1967. Twenty years later, the brand released its first dedicated auto focus flashes with a red beam focus assist light. Although the red beam technology is now common, Nissin Digital was one of the first companies that developed and used it. In 2007, the company’s structure was reorganized to create flash units for DSLR cameras and Nissin Digital launched the Di622, which was its first unit to sport the advanced digital through-the-lens (TTL) technology. Within the next few years, the company outdid itself in terms of producing the best camera accessories and flash units.

Not only does the brand manufacture handheld and mounted flash guns for DSLR cameras, but it also designs and produces other camera accessories like shoe cords and power packs.

Each Nissin camera flash is designed specifically for a particular DSLR camera, and the company provides full details about which camera each model is compatible with. Nissin has been manufacturing flash guns that are designed to be compatible with most of the popular camera models from the leading camera makers of the world. You can explore the range of Nissin’s products on Unique Photo.

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