Olympus ME-15 Tie Clip Microphone

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- Highly sensitive
- Miniature tie-clip microphone
- With frequency response from 100 – 12.000 Hz.
- To record your own voice or from other people nearby
- 3.5. Monoaural jack
- Compatible with: Olympus DM-10, DM-550, DP-311, DS-2500, DS-3500, DS-7000, VN-711PC, VN-711PC DNS, VN-712PC, VN-713PC, VN-7600, VN-7700, WS-320M, DM-1, DM-20, DM-450, DS-2, DS-2000, DS-2200, DS-2300, DS-2400, DS-2800, DS-30, DS-3400, DS-40, DS-50, DS-5000, DS-55, DS-65, DS-75, VN-1000, VN-120, VN-2000, VN-240, VN-3500PC, VN-4100PC, VN-480, VN-5500, VN-6500, VN-6800PC, VN-7500, VN-7800PC, VN-8500PC, VN-8600PC, VN-8700PC, VN-960PC, WS-100, WS-200S. WS-300M, WS-310M, WS-331M, WS-450S, WS-550M, WS-560M

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Equipped with a 100 to 12,000 Hz frequency response, the Olympus ME-15 Tie Clip Microphone is an extremely sensitive microphone that can dexterously and snugly be attached to your tie. Acting as a tie-clip, it is immensely useful while presiding over even that require you to showcase your oratory skills. However, this isn't the only purpose that the Olympus ME-15 can be used for. Besides recording your own voice or amplifying your voice, it can also be conveniently used to record the voices of other people nearby. One more splendid feature of the ME-15 Tie Clip Microphone is its omnidirectional property, which increase the utility of this recording device cum microphone by several notches. Its superlative sound quality delivers a great bass, natural vocals, and accurate highs. Lightweight and portable, the microphone also comes with a 3.5. monaural jack. The devices compatible with the Olympus ME-15 Tie Clip Microphone are the Olympus DM-10, DM-7, DM-901, and the DP-311.

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Detailed Specifications
Type of Microphone: Electret condenser microphone
Type of Microphone:
Type or brand of microphone used to capture audio.

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Impedance: 2.2 k?
The the ratio of the voltage phasor to the electric current phasor, a measure of the opposition to time-varying electric current in an electric circuit.

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Maximum Input Power: 1.5 V - 10 V
Maximum Input Power:
The maximum RF signal input level that is non-destructive to the operation of the equipment.

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Power Requirements: power is supplied by recorder
Power Requirements:
This is the battery or adapter necessary to power a device.

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Overall Frequency Response: 100 - 12.000Hz
Overall Frequency Response:
This is used to indicate the accuracy of electronic components or systems, primarily in audio equipment.

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Type of Input Connector: 3.5 ø mm mini-jack
Type of Input Connector:
This is the type of input connector.

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Cable Length: 1m
Cable Length:
The length of the cable.

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Physical Specifications
Dimensions: 9mm Ø x 34mm
The measurements of an object.

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Weight: 11g
The physical weight of the item without packaging.

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Color: Black
The color of the item.

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Brand: Olympus

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- Olympus ME-15 Tie Clip Microphone

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