Special Effects Lenses

At times the situation demands that you infuse a bit of creativity while taking your photographs. With the slew of special effects lenses available at Unique Photo, you can not only achieve optimum creativity, but also make your shooting experience much easier. There are diverse models of special effects lenses available at Unique Photo such as a fisheye lens, tilt shift lens, and the unique lens baby model. Whenever you decide to buy a special effects lens, make sure that you always go for a reputable model from such well recognised brands such as Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, Olympus, Tamron, Sigma, and Lecia.

Sometimes you just need a little more "umph" when you're trying to tap into your creative potential. With these special effect lenses you can do just that, plus more! Each uniquely quirky lens allows you to unleash pure creativity with a plethora of effects. You can simulate tilt-shift lenses with full control of selective focus, emulate the soft glow of toy cameras with plastic lenses, or just go wild with a fisheye lens. These lenses may not be your best bet for straight photography, but you'll have much more fun bending the rules, taking chances and getting the shot that breaks away from the norm

Unique Photo carries Lensbaby and other specialty lenses available for all types of camera mounts.

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