If you are even the least bit interested in creative photography, you must have heard of Lensbaby. It was started in 2004 by Craig Strong, a professional photographer who lived in Portland, OR. The brand has since become one of the first names associated with unique and unusual lenses. Unlike most lens firms that cater to the growing needs of photographers and videographers, Lensbaby excels at producing lenses that offer new avenues and unforeseen paths to explore. With a range of products that are manifestations of innovation itself, Lensbaby has carved a niche market for itself. The brand is still discovering the full extent of avant-garde photography and cinematography that is made possible by Lensbaby accessories.

When it comes to Lensbaby, the extraordinary lies not in the Lensbaby accessories, but what they make possible. The Optic Swap System allows the photographer to switch between seven different optics. View the same frame under different creative effects that range from a phenomenal fisheye to a precise pinhole. Experience clear vision that multi-coated optical glass doublets offer, or savor the joy of working with a magnetic disk aperture system. Unique photo offers versatile Lensbaby lenses that allow you to sample a substantial spectrum of focal length and indulge in tilt photography. These lenses make angles as wide as 185 degrees not just possible, but comfortable. Breathe in the thrill of achieving selective focus without having to depend on Instagram by shopping at Unique Photo. Lensbaby products allow you to choose how to surround your spot of focus – whether the blur is gradual, even, or dynamic. Sharp focus can be entirely forsaken if you are looking for a soft and warm image. In this elaborate range of creative and innovative lenses, you can find new fuel for your imagination, and watch it become a part of reality. All this and more is made possible by Unique Photo.

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