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Low Key Portrait Lighting with Bobbi Lane and Lee Varis

Low Key Portrait Lighting with Bobbi Lane and Lee Varis

Low Key traditionally is a dark or black background, with side lighting and deeper shadows for a dramatic and evocative portrait. It works well for great moody portraits, as well as character and theatrical images. The light and shadow sculpt the subject, using soft boxes, grids, and strip lights, and bring out an assortment of feelings. Low Key can be done with one, two or three lights, each one carving out a story of your subject.

The morning consists of image presentations and demos, giving the participant the knowledge and tools to make striking and effective portraits. The afternoon will be shooting models with a variety of lighting modifiers so that you can fine tune your lighting to get exactly the impact you want! This workshop will expand your array of lighting styles for more depth, more character and powerful portraits!

*Please bring your own camera and lenses.
*Attendees must have a good working knowledge of their cameras, and understand ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. No lighting experience required.

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