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Mastering Portrait Lighting: The Portable Studio (Session 4)

Mastering Portrait Lighting: The Portable Studio (Session 4)

It’s time to take your portrait photography to the next level!
Light is the essential ingredient for all photography and to create beautifully lit portraits you need to understand how to use, shape and control light. This series of classes will give you the knowledge and skills to master an effective repertoire of lighting styles and setups that will improve your results and benefit your bottom line.

Better Portraits = More Business!
This course of hands-on workshops is suitable for photographers of all levels who are truly interested in learning and advancing their techniques. The primary pre-requisite is that you know your camera and have a basic understanding of manual settings.  From working Professionals to serious amateurs, we will cover wide ranging topics, styles and gear and will shoot live during every class. From available light to constant lights to speedlights to studio strobes every possibility will be covered.

Workshop Registration: "Mastering Portrait Lighting" consists of 10 sessions.  Each session will cover a defined range of topics, so you have the option of signing up for the entire course, pick a series of classes that interest you, or enroll for single classes.  There will be overlap and adjustments as necessary to make the most effective use of time and details will be flexible based on the needs of the participants.  Please see the OVERVIEW below for specific topics for each session.

Our goal is to provide you with a great training experience and the skills you need to create beautiful portraits. The knowledge gained will be both practical and inspirational, so if you’re ready to take the next step, sign up now!

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