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Shape Wireless Directors Kit w/ Wooden Handles and Gold Mount Battery Plate

Shape Wireless Directors Kit w/ Wooden Handles  and  Gold Mount Battery Plate

  • Based on a tension system to move the monitor bracket and the cheese plate forward or rearward to adjust the monitor position
  • Red ratchet key to secure the lock of the bracket and the cheese plate position
  • Two 1/4-20 captive screw to secure the monitor position on the angle bracket
  • The monitor position can be rotate forward and backward with a red knob
  • Includes a pair of SHAPE new WOODEN HANDLES made with Canadian maple hardwood with their patent push button technology and SHAPE red ratchet key for fast and easy adjustment
  • Handles are attached with SHAPE standard ARRI rosette on each side on the monitor support
  • Wooden handles can be place up and down with their 360 degrees rotation
  • Includes a universal cheese plate with 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes
  • The cheese plate can be move forward and backward using a red knob for easy access to the batteries rear connectors of the monitor
  • PARALINX or TERADEK wireless data receiver can be install in the cheese plate behind the monitor, using the adaptor supplied with the receiver
  • Handles can be positioned backwards for a desktop configuration; can easily hold on a flat surface
  • Can be combined with the ICON 15mm RODBLOC Spigot 750 to install on rods
  • The monitor support can be installed on a Gobo stand or C-Stand and fixed with SHAPE red ratchet key
  • Includes the new SHAPE strap with rubber padding for good grip and the best support for your director's kit!
  • Only compatible if the monitor has threaded holes underneath
  • Universal bracket for monitors between 7" and 9"
  • Includes removable spigot with rubber plug for use during handheld set up
  • Compatible with most monitors used by directors as; SMALL HD, ATOMOS, TV LOGIC, iKAN, SONY, IKEGAMI, ASTRO DESIGN, LILIPUT, sound devices and more
  • CNC Aluminum

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