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NJCS: One and Two Light Portraits with Bobbi Lane (Fujifilm, Phottix)

NJCS: One and Two Light Portraits with Bobbi Lane (Fujifilm, Phottix)

Good lighting is the key to successful portraits and it doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective. So much can be done with just one light that is classic, clean and/or dynamic. Adding a second light as a background, or hair or rim light can add highlights and enhance the image.

What’s important is to understand and use the aspects of light: direction, quality and depth, to define your subject and create the mood. Combine these lighting techniques with the fabulous Fujifilm film simulations in the X Series of cameras and your opportunities for creativity get a boost. Fujifilm has created some amazing options: Acros for dynamic Black and White, Astia for softer smoother tones, and Velvia for strong, bright character portraits among others. You can access these film types either in camera jpegs or using their profiles in ACR.

This is a live shooting demo, tethered to the computer so you can see the results! This class with Bobbi Lane and Lee Varis will help you make stronger, more effective and marketable portraits.

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