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UUOnline (Free): Dramatic Portrait Lighting Part 2 with Bobbi Lane

UUOnline (Free): Dramatic Portrait Lighting Part 2 with Bobbi Lane

Dramatic lighting is emotionally powerful and can be bold, theatrical and evocative. The lights define the subject and craft a strong impression. It's important to take control of the lights and use them effectively to establish the mood. Dramatic lighting is often dark, using split or edge lighting to produce a sense of mystery that leaves a subtle or profound impact on the viewer. This two-part presentation features lectures and behind-the-scenes videos by Bobbi Lane to help you understand how to use the quality, direction, and depth of light to construct a persuasive and commanding image.

PART 2: Three+ Lights & Dragging the Shutter
Sometimes it necessary to use more lights to make a compelling impression. The traditional three light set up is: main light, background light and either a hair or slash light. From there the possibilities are endless! For one person there could be two edge lights, a background light, and a fill light from the front. For an athletic or body shot, there could be multiple lights on the subject and multiple lights on the background. Some of the examples are the Hollywood Glamour Style of George Hurrell, who would use 6-7 lights for one person. Learning how to drag the shutter or balancing strobe and ambient light, adds a formidable new technique to your lighting skill.

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