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Getting Started with Studio Lighting with Joe Brady

Getting Started with Studio Lighting with Joe Brady

Portable speed light flash units are great tools, but when you need to shoot fast and take a lot of shots or when you want to use big light shapers for the soft, flattering, beautiful light they produce, then it’s time to move to studio strobes. Join host Joe Brady as he takes you from the basics of studio lighting through one, two, three and four light portrait sets so you can see how to build the most beautiful light for your subjects. Understanding how to create shape and dimension with light is what separates “OK” portraits from great results! This small group workshop includes both classroom and hands-on shooting with a model using your own camera.

Joe will cover:
• Introduction to the gear of Studio Strobes
• Choosing and using light shapers
• When and how to use a light meter
• Creating light ratios
• Posing individuals, couples and small groups

*Limited to 10 students. Register early!

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