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Microphone Buying Guide

Microphone Buying Guide


A good quality microphone can make a world of difference to the audio reception. As a user, you want to capture audio quality that is clean and clear. There are a variety of microphones in the market currently and choosing the right mic for the appropriate purpose is very important. For instance, audio recorded on a camcorder cannot stand up to the voice quality of standalone mics. Therefore, before a purchase is made, basic principle of microphone design needs to be understood. Factors like the weight dimension, the output impedance, power requirements, and frequency response are some factors that play a huge role in determining a suitable microphone for you. This guide will help users understand all of these aspects and more.

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  • Olympus ME-52 Noise Cancellation Microphone

    Product #: OLD145055 | Manufacturer #: 145055

    - Noise Cancellation Microphone
    - For digital voice recorders

    Our Price: $12.20

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  • Olympus ME-15 Tie Clip Microphone

    Product #: OLD145045 | Manufacturer #: 145045

    - Highly sensitive
    - Miniature tie-clip microphone
    - With frequency response from 100 – 12.000 Hz.
    - To record your own voice or from other people nearby
    - 3.5. Monoaural jack
    - Compatible with: Olympus DM-10, DM-550, DP-311, DS-2500, DS-3500, DS-7000, VN-711PC, VN-711PC DNS, VN-712PC, VN-713PC, VN-7600, VN-7700, WS-320M, DM-1, DM-20, DM-450, DS-2, DS-2000, DS-2200, DS-2300, DS-2400, DS-2800, DS-30, DS-3400, DS-40, DS-50, DS-5000, DS-55, DS-65, DS-75, VN-1000, VN-120, VN-2000, VN-240, VN-3500PC, VN-4100PC, VN-480, VN-5500, VN-6500, VN-6800PC, VN-7500, VN-7800PC, VN-8500PC, VN-8600PC, VN-8700PC, VN-960PC, WS-100, WS-200S. WS-300M, WS-310M, WS-331M, WS-450S, WS-550M, WS-560M

    Our Price: $21.95

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