Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is an ancillary of the Mitsubishi group. Established in 1921 with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a huge multinational that manufactures electric products.

The Mitsubishi Electric Corporation manufactures and markets a large variety of industrial level electric equipments including power generators, elevators and escalators. Industrial automation systems like transformers and products involving the use of robots and artificial intelligence are also manufactured by Mitsubishi. The Corporation is responsible for the production of high-tech information and communication systems ranging from wired and wireless communications to missile technology and satellite communication equipments. Mitsubishi Electric also manufactures electronic devices including high-frequency and LCD devices apart from home appliances like air conditioners, microwave ovens and the likes.

Mitsubishi Electric products in India serve a vast variety of purposes that encompass a multitude of fields. Large-scale manufacturing units use equipment and technical support that is provided by services and products that come from the Indian arm of the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. The brand is known for its dedication to quality. Constant research and development make Mitsubishi products the top of the line in terms of international grade gear that is suitable for prolonged heavy-duty use as well as for its sustainability in everyday use.

The Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is also known for being eco-friendly in India as well as its other arms around the world – the brand is the Global Leading Green Company. Having established a program named ‘Environment Vision 2021’, the Corporation does everything within its power to contribute to the development of a sustainable society. Using minimal energy and resources to produce optimum results is one of the Corporation’s goals apart from rigorously implementing the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ mantra. A range of Mitsubishi’s everyday products are available for sale on Unique Photo.

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