The expressive richness of film wins the allegiance of many creative photographers even in the digital age. In the age of digital cameras, it may seem odd to instruct you how to use "obsolete" 35mm cameras. Still, there are many people out there who choose to shoot film for artistic (and other) reasons. And with digital eating up market share for nearly everything but landscape photography, awesome 35mm camera gear is cheaper than it has ever been. This is where the beauty of film is established.

Unique Photo boasts of a conglomerate of the best brands offering film reels for cameras including, Kodak, Fuji, Ilford, and Polaroid among others. Polaroid film comes in different categories such as Polaroid camera film and Polaroid instant film. Even the Fuji film and Fuji Instax film offer diverse choices to its users for different shooting purposes. In comparison, the Kodak film mostly comes in a single category and is used for more general purposes. In case you are left wondering where to buy Polaroid film from, always make sure that you purchase one from a trusted dealer to guarantee high quality results while shooting. Also, it is prudent to comprehend the methods required to properly store and develop a film reel.

The film you choose for your camera matters far, far more than your choice of camera and lens. There are three kinds of films you are likely to encounter: color negatives, E-6 slide films, and traditional black and white films. All of these have their place, and none of them is perfect for every photographic situation. All of these are capable of obtaining great results if you use them appropriately. There are trade-offs involved in using every kind of film. What type of film is correct for me? View our Instant Film Buying Guide for more information.

Instant Film Buying Guide

Instant Film Buying Guide

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While most photographers shoot digitally, film is not quite dead yet. Sure, demand for light-sensitive celluloid has dwindled, but there is still a large following for film despite what is in favor of the majority. There are still many people who shoot film for their own reasons. Although you can blame a few for being stubborn or nostalgic, film produces unmatched image quality even by today's technological standards. There is simply nothing like it. In return for some time and effort, the result is something digital can only hope to achieve.

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