I authorize Unique Photo to temporarily charge the indicated credit card* for the Rental Order equipment deposit, totalling 50% of the retail value of each item on the Rental Order, and permanently charge the total of the Rental Fee due at the end of the Rental Period to that same card. I understand in the case of damage, Unique Photo will charge the cost of repair, or in the case of damage beyond repair, the full retail value of the item(s) to the indicated credit card? further, if the item is returned late, all fees associated with the late order will be charged on the indicated credit card below? and if the item is lost, stolen, or otherwise not returned to Unique Photo, the full retail value or the lost item or items will be charged to the indicated credit card. By signing this Authorization Form, I affirm that all information provided herein is accurate and correct.

Authorization note if someone other than the principal cardholder will be picking up the rental order.

This form, along with the authorized agent’s driver’s license and principal’s credit card must be present at Unique Photo at the time of rental pick up. Unique Photo reserves the right to decline the submission of this form and request that the card holder be present at the time of pick up, in our sole discretion, and without notice. Unique Photo also reserves the right to terminate any ongoing pickup arrangements with Studios or Businesses, in our sole discretion, and without notice. This agreement pertains only to end users. Unique Photo does not permit or authorize the subletting, or secondary renting, of any items in the Rental Program.

*For pick up of a Rental Order by someone other than the named card holder, the Credit Card must be presented at pick up. Unique Photo will NOT allow Debit Cards to be used for this type of pick up

***Unique Photo reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time, without notice.***

**By signing the form below, you agree to our Rental Terms and Conditions**

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