Profoto A1X AirTTL Off-Camera Kit - Nikon

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  • Profoto A1X AirTTL for Nikon
  • Designed for On/Off-Camera
  • Smart Magnetic Click-On Mount
  • LED Modeling Light Integrated to the Head
  • 450 Full Power Flashes Per Charge
  • TTL/MAN Switch
  • Air Remote (Built-In)
  • Auto Focus (AF) Assist
  • AirTTL & HSS
  • Dedicated A1X Light Shaping Tools Available
  • Rechargeable & Exchangeble Li-Ion Battery (Included)
  • Round head with soft, smooth and natural fall off
  • 1.0 Sec. Recycling Time
  • Built-In Motor-Zoom (Manual Control)
  • Large Hi-Resolution Display
  • Color: Black
Battery Type:
1 x Proprietary Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
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The Profoto A1X AirTTL Off-Camera Kit - (for Nikon) is a new, enhanced version of the Profoto A1, & features a powerful battery that gets 450 full power flashes (instead of 350), faster full power recycling time (1 second instead of 1.2 seconds), 20 wireless channels (instead of 8), & an updated interface, similar to the one on the Profoto B10. 

The A1X is designed for both the professional photographer, looking for mobility/performance features, or the ambitious non-professional, who wants additional light with comfort and ease. The A1X features a user-friendly design, as well as a compact physical design, which allows you to take it out of the box & begin shooting. The A1X's matte black finish provides a sleek look, as well as a tactile design. 

The A1X features a 2.75" round, tilting, rotating head, which is responsible for its natural-looking light (with soft gradual fall-off). The Profoto A1X also features an auto-zoom, built into the head, which handles focal lengths from 32 to 105mm. The A1X is designed to allow you to override the auto-zoom function at any time, while making your adjustments manually. 

The A1X recycles in 1 second, which is a faster speed than most flash units in its class. It also features an action-stopping flash durations from 1/800-1/20,000 seconds. The A1X supports High-Speed Sync, which allows you to shoot at shutter speeds as short a 1/8000 second. The  A1X features a "76Ws" head, which has an LED modeling light that can provide a preview of how the light is falling on your subject. This feature can be turned on or off, set to auto based on the current power level, or switched to manual (where it can be modified by hand). All adjustments can be viewed on the LCD display. 

A lithium-ion battery is included with the A1X, & provides a capacity of 450 full power flashes that has a capacity of 450 full power flashes (instead of the previous model's 350). The battery operates at peak performance until it is depleted, rather than fading as the battery drains. 

The A1X is designed with a built-in transceiver that makes it compatible with other A1s, B2s, or D2, B1, & B1X monolights. All ofthe "Air Remote" wireless controllers are able to trigger the A1X at distances of up to 1000 ft., & the "Air Sync" will provide you with simple wireless triggering, while the "Air Remote" lets you wirelessly adjust power, channel selection, grouping, & modeling light on/off. The "Air Remote TTL" lets you explore & control the A1X's full capabilities. This allows wireless assignment of groups & channels, as well as TTL/power level. The A1 also features a switch that allows you to set your main light to TTL, & switch to manual operation. The A1X features +/-3 stops of exposure compensation that can be adjusted from the remote for your specific needs. The light comes with a "Bounce Card", Flash Stand, 180-degree Dome Diffuser, & nylon bag with shoulder strap for transport & storage.

Other Features:

  • Round Head (Soft/Smooth & Natural Fall off)
  • AirTTL & HSS (for fast professional images)
  • Smart Magnetic Click-on Mount (for A1X Light Shaping Tools)
  • 5 Dedicated A1X Light Shaping Tools (Available Separately)
  • LED Modeling Light (integrated to the head)
  • Air Remote Built-In (6 groups, 20 channels)
  • Rechargeable & Exchangeable Li-Ion Battery
  • 1-Second Recycling Time (to full power)
  • TTL/MAN Switch
  • Built-in Auto-Zoom (with manual override handles lenses from 32 to 105mm)
  • Auto Focus (AF) Assist
  • Large High-Resolution LCD Display
  • TTL Support for Nikon
  • Compatible with all Profoto Air Remotes, wireless range up to 1000 ft.

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Profoto - Profoto
Detailed Specifications
Bounce Capability: Bounce Head: Yes
Bounce Capability:
The ability to direct a flash to bounce on ceiling or nearby wall. Bounce and swivel flash heads allow more creative flash techniques and lighting effects.

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Slave Operation Confirmation: Slave Timing Modes: Instant Sync
Slave Operation Confirmation:
This is a sound that confirms flash sync or an indicator light that displays the status of a slave flash unit.

View All Attribute Definitions

Status Indicator: Flash-Ready Indicator: Yes
Status Indicator:
This light displays the status of a camera or flash.

View All Attribute Definitions

Channels: Wireless Communication Channels: 20 Channels
This is the number of wireless channels for a transmitter.

View All Attribute Definitions

Mounting: Shoe Mount
This is the mounting options for a device. Cameras are often mounted on a tripod, but there are other mounts to connect video cameras to bikes, cars, and other places.

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Compatible Cameras: Nikon
Compatible Cameras:
This is the compatibility of a camera with a certain device or software.

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Vari-Power: Auto: 1/256 to 1/1
This is a device that permits variable power output. This is often used to control flash power output of a flash head in f/stop increments.

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Physical Specifications
Dimensions: 3.0 x 4.3 x 6.5" / 75.0 x 108.0 x 165.0 mm
The measurements of an object.

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Weight: 1.23 lb / 560 g Including Battery
The physical weight of the item without packaging.

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Swivel Capability: Swivel Head: Yes
Swivel Capability:
The ability to angle and rotate a flash head for bounce and indirect lighting.

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Wireless Settings: Wireless Operation: Method: RF Distance: Up to 1000' / 304.80 m Mode: Master, Slave
Zoom Settings: Zoom Head: Full Frame: 32 - 105 mm
Flash Duration: 1/800 to 1/20000 sec
Exposure Compensation: -3 EV to +3 EV (in 1/3 EV steps)
Exposure Compensation:
Refers to the option for the user to override the internal light meter in the camera to either OVER or UNDER expose based on middle/18% gray. This is especially useful when photographing either extremely white/bright scenes or when in very dark/dimly lit scenarios.

View All Attribute Definitions

Recycle Time: Approximately 1 Seconds
Recycle Time:
The amount of time a camera or flash takes to reset the flash between shots. This is generally measured when the flash is being fired at maximum power.

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Battery Type
Battery Type: 1 x Proprietary Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
Imaging & Exposure Control
Exposure Control: Manual, TTL
Exposure Control:
Controls to get the correct exposure for a photo.

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Brand: Profoto

In The Box

  • Profoto A1X On/Off-Camera Flash with Built-in AirTTL Remote for Nikon
  • Li-Ion Battery for A1X
  • Battery Charger for A1X Including Power Cable
  • Bounce Card
  • Dome Diffuser
  • A1X Bag
  • A1X Flash Stand
  • USB Micro Cable
  • Profoto Connect Flash Trigger for Nikon Camera
  • Protective Case
  • USB-C to USB-A Charging Cable
  • Profoto 2 Year Limited Warranty

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