Cinevate is one of the top manufacturers of photographic tools that enable filmmakers and photographers to make crucial additions to their photos. At Unique Photo, you can find a large variety of Cinevate tools such as Atlas 30 package, DSLR support rig, dual rail shoulder mount and counter-balance kit and much more. We provide the Cinevate Atlas 30 package is a DSLR package that includes the Atlas 30 LTS, Pegasus carbon all-terrain legs kit and Chrome plated steel rails of 15 mm. This lightweight and strong Atlas 30 package is compatible with 100 mm bowls from any manufacturer. You can use the 100 mm tripod head ball with a 3/8 inch thread to mount or level any tripod head. Unique Photo also offers Cinevate Simplis solo DSLR support rig which comes with a Simplis quick release plate, articulating 1/4-20 hand grip, shoulder stock and 3 shoulder stock rods. We also provide you with Cinevate DSLR rail shoulder mount and counter balance kit which enables you to add a shoulder mount to any dual rails of Proteus system or Cinevate core DSLR rig. Choose from our amazing range of photography tools that you can buy from here at a very reasonable price. You can buy these high-end tools online and get them delivered at your doorstep.
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