A soft box is a kind of photographic lighting device which creates an even and diffused light. It is mostly used with a flash or continuous light source like fluorescent lights or hot lights. Unique Photo offers a large variety of Chimera softbox lights which are considered among the best by professional photographers. Chimera is one of the major manufacturers of lighting equipment for photography. Chimera softbox lights can easily accommodate up to three strobe heads. These softbox lights are fully compatible with every accessory in the Chimera family. Chimera softbox lights provide you the choice of soft white interior or bright silver. They come with a removable recessed front screen that proves helpful for controlling the lens flare and fall-off. The Chimera softbox lights also provide a large hook and loop sealed rear opening that can accommodate up to three strobe heads. They also offer full compatibility with every Chimera accessory. Browse through our best quality Chimera softbox lights that you can purchase at a very decent price. We provide a wide collection of Chimera softbox lights that are designed specially to suit the requirements of photographers. Once you have ordered from Unique Photo, we make it our responsibility to deliver the softbox lights at your doorstep within a few days.
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