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Unique Photo provides an entire range of background and background stands that are sure to meet all your photography demands. This includes studio lighting equipment, camera lighting equipment, studio photography equipment, studio backgrounds, Westcott backgrounds, and a myriad of other useful items. Unique Photo is also associated with many prestigious brands who provide equipment such as Savage, Westcott, Vector, and many other reputed manufacturers. With such esteemed companies offering so many multipurpose and immensely useful background equipment and background stands, you can rest assured that all your requirements would be easily met by Unique Photo.’
Background Stand Buying Guide

Background Stand Buying Guide

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When it comes to studio photography, various kinds of accessories can be used to help you get the most of your pictures including backgrounds, copystands, copylights, rail systems and much more. Although the camera is the most important tool used to capture images, a nice backdrop can make the difference between a drab photo and a spectacular portrait. Unique photo offers a variety of different backdrops and background accessories from simple seamless backdrops to intricately painted canvas.

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