Unique Photo® is pleased to offer repair service on most of the brands we carry. Whether warrantied or not, we use only Authorized Factory Service so that you can be sure to get the quality and dependability that you want out of your product.

All repair work is guaranteed to be free from defect for a period of 90 days, or it will be redone at no cost to you. For your convenience, we offer discounts through our Rental department during the service period, and on-site DSLR sensor cleaning to help keep your images spot free!

Unique Photo® provides a free, FLAT RATE ESTIMATE. This usually takes two business days. Certain products may take longer. Upon further inspection, should it be necessary (i.e. liquid or sand damage), a RE-ESTIMATE will be provided. You will again have the option of refusal at no additional cost.

Although, Unique Photo® makes every effort to ensure a quick turnaround on your repair, parts delays are out of our control. We will notify you by email regarding any such delay and update you as possible.

Only accessories that are directly related to the problem should be left with your equipment. Unique Photo® accepts no liability for missing or otherwise damaged components.

Repaired products unclaimed after 30 days of the completion (or refusal) date will be considered abandoned and discarded.

Unique Photo® offers a 25% discount in our Rental Department during the equipment service period.

Repairs performed under manufacturer warranty will be assessed a shipping / handling charge of $19.95.

Unique Photo® warranties repaired items to be free from defect for a period of 90 days.

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