PocketWizard MH3 Cable Household Male To Mono Miniphone 3Feet Straight

Pocket Wizard
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- Cable length: 3' (91.5 cm) - From Household Male Terminal - To 1/8" (3.5 mm) Mono Miniphone

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For remotely triggering a flash equipped with a household sync terminal.

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Pocket Wizard
Detailed Specifications
For Manufacture Type: No
Filter Construction: 58.2oz.
Filter Construction:
This is the construction of a type of filter. The type of process used to create a filter can affect its price. Filters can be constructed out of regular glass that sandwiches a coloured gel in between or in high-end filters, raw elements are added to the molten optical glass so there is no risk of uneven colour or fading.

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Maximum Shooting (frames per second): Hot Shoe: up to 50V
Maximum Shooting (frames per second):
This is the maximum frames per second a camera can take before it begins buffering. It is referred to as burst or drive mode on different cameras.

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Antenna: For Port 1 and Hot Shoe = 3.3 VDC, 0.001 A (1/1000 Amp or 1 milliamp), regulated
A metallic device for sending or receiving electromagnetic waves, such as radio waves. Some antennas can send waves in or receive waves from all directions; others are designed to work only in a range of directions.

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Power: 1600 feet ( 500 Meters)
This is the type of power a device uses.

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Physical Specifications
Color: Black
The color of the item.

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Brand: Pocket Wizard

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PocketWizard MH3 Cable Household Male To Mono Miniphone 3Feet Straight 804-405


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